tModLoader Time freezes when beating moon lord


First, sorry if I mess up with the category, I don't know how it really works...

Recently I've been playing terraria with calamity and more mods, and when I defeated moon lord I noticed the time freezed at 9:00 AM. I tried wih other world and stills happends. I also tried installing hero's mod for changing the time and it doesn't work.
This is the mod list (Its very long):
  • Orchid Mod
  • LuiAFK Reborn
  • CoolerItemVisualEffect
  • Dragon Ball Terraria (Ported)
  • Calamity
  • Calamity Music
  • Start with base
  • ArmamentDisplay
  • Bosses As NPCs
  • Boss Checklist
  • AlchemistNPC
  • Magic Storage
  • zolp's starter bags
  • Shop Expander
  • Imkshushi's mod
  • Where's my items
  • Reduced Mining
  • Boss Cursor
  • No Pylon Restrictions
  • Fargo's Best of Both Worlds
  • Multiple Lures
  • Colored Damage Types
  • Subworld library
  • Craffteable Rod of discord
  • Crafteable Accesories
  • Census - Town NPC checklist
  • Lights and Shadows
  • Begon, Evil!
  • Radiance
  • Recipe browser
  • Wing slot extra
  • Compare Item Stats
  • Ore exavator
  • Auto trash
  • Antisocial
  • Which mod is this from?
  • Dialog Panel Rework
  • Angler shop
  • Shorter respawn time
  • loot beans
  • ItemMagnetPlus
  • Autofish
  • Teleport to pylons from anywhere
  • Unofficial Calamity whips
  • Calamity Vanities
  • Discordya
  • Reduced Grinding
  • The star above
  • (With and without hero's mod)
  • (And it was in revengace mode, Master mode and large world)
I know the list is very large, but if someone knows the problem I'd be pretty greatfull.
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