Mobile Timer Elevator 1.2.4


So this is what I got.

I found this out when I was placing seven timers next to each other, so when I did and activated the first of the seven, it did nothing (of course) so I wired only 6 for some reason and activated the first timer, which then produces rather interesting results...

(please mine the corruption enemies)
I noticed how each timer goes off towards the first (somebody explain to me why this happens by the way), so I decided to use it as what makes and elevator groove!

This elevator is still in build so it will be improved in the future, like adding a way to stop the elevator, if it malfunctions, when yellow wire becomes available (you may have noticed me using the plan ;)), and etc.


I know right? Sometimes the mechanisms can be activated when it is not directly wired into it (for example, when you wire a mechanism and the output is going right on top of a pressure plate / switch, activating the switch / pressure plate will cause the mechanism the activate).

Anyway, I am currently building a new and improved version of the current elevator.
[doublepost=1484087618,1484038843][/doublepost]Welp, I found one of Zerogravitas' video, about the 6 phase bunny powered elevator. And I realized that I could actually place that timer mechanism aside, and found a much more improved way... (basically zg''s elevator but timers instead. What if there is no bunny statue in your world? I try to make my creations statueless, unless necessary).

Wiring? It's down there.
[doublepost=1484221991][/doublepost]A fallout shelter entrance :cool:

Currently I'm planning a a way to make these elevators two pressure plated (one for top and one for bottom), so that there will be less incidents, and try to make it that one press (or walk) will make sure the mechanism will not be disrupted, like even tho one accidently walks into the pressure plate, it will still be fine instead of one layer of elevator being messed up.

ps typing this on a phone using the desktop site is a pain. (I should try doing it on mobile site :confused:)

MORE EDIT: Anyone knows what kind of PC the Mechanic uses? No one? Oh well, may as well visit her... Wait, where's the monitor?

(early game) I heard there is this laboratory that only the strong cam enter...

Welp, (ignore my inventory hotbar)

(endgame) Hey, do you remember that time when I got killed by those Mimic soldiers? Yeah, I gonna beat them up!

Hehehe, anyway I found a way to make the elevator faster, but it requires two different statues and only goes Upwards.

Welp, that should be enough for people to be entertained with.

Plus, (OK this the last passage), I was thinking to myself, why does the output require the wire to be connected with it while the input can send signals even though it is not really touching it? o_O


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