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TShock version 4.3.8 is now released!

nicatronTg said:
Welcome to TShock 4.3.8 for Terraria for API 1.21. This release includes many stability improvements and additional hooks. Download now.

Notable changes include:
  • Auth system kicks players if system is disabled. (@nicatronTg)
  • Fixed /login permitting multiple logins without a logout in between. (@nicatronTg)
  • Allow[Hallow/Corruption/Crimson]Creep in config now work. (@Wight)
  • API: Treasure bags are now named properly. (@Wight)
  • API: Clients no longer close on disconnect. (@Wolfje)
  • API: Add server broadcast hook. (@Wight)
  • API: Fixed pressure plate hook triggering multiple times. (@Patrikk)
  • API: Fixed issues with SendQ writes failing. (@Wolfje)
  • API: Version tick to 1.21

View the thread here.

A huge thanks goes out to our community who've supported us for so long, and the amazing people who've contributed to bettering TShock and Terraria multiplayer.
We recently hit over 100 plugins release, and while many of them still need to be updated for our latest API version, this is still a huge accomplishment.


Furthermore our two top plugins have generated over 4000 downloads between them!

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who's contributed, donated, or provided moral support over the lifetime of this project. Keep on being awesome!

edit: sorry to everyone I tagged accidentally - I forgot to remove the user tags when porting the quote over
TShock v4.3.11 is released!

Wight said:
Welcome to TShock v4.3.11 for Terraria v1.3.08. Download now.

This version features a drop-in tile replacement system by @Wolfje that reduces RAM requirements by up to 70% on all worlds and CPU requirements up to 10% in the running process.
  • Large worlds: from 700MB-1GB -> ~325MB
  • Medium worlds: from 500MB -> ~200MB
  • Small worlds: from 400MB -> ~125MB
Plugin developers: any current plugin that makes use of Main.tile must be recompiled with a reference to the new terrariaserver.exe.

Other notable changes include:
  • API: Fixed some possible packet leaks in sendq (@Wolfje)
  • API: API Version 1.22 - please update your plugins accordingly
  • API: Added crash protection around malicious and/or invalid packets (@Wolfje)
  • API: Fixed worlds not loading sometimes (@tysonstrange)
  • API: Fixed living leaf walls not working as housing
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from joining when the world is saving (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed an issue adding a ban on a player who has previously been banned (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed /invade martian (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed target dummies not working properly (@Wight)
  • Added a config option (DisableSecondUpdateLogs) to prevent log spam from OnSecondUpdate() (@Wight)
  • Added RESTful API login rate limiting (@George)
  • Added config options (MaximumRequestsPerInterval, RequestBucketDecreaseIntervalMinutes, LimitOnlyFailedLoginRequests) for rate limiting (@George)
  • DEPRECATION: Deprecated Disable(string, bool) and added Disable(string, DisableFlags). Please update your plugins accordingly (@Wight)
  • Fixed Halloween and Christmas events not working properly (@TomyLobo)
  • Fixed the demon heart's extra accessory slot not working correctly in SSC (@Wight)
  • Fixed gender-changing potions not working correctly in SSC (@hastinbe)
  • Fixed IP bans not working correctly (@hastinbe)
  • Fixed /reload not using the correct permission (@Wight)
  • Fixed TSPlayer.ActiveChest not being tracked correctly resulting in item dupes while disabled (@Wight)
  • /reload now reloads tile and projectile bans

You can view the thread here.
Ever feel like giving back to the community? Want to reach as many people as possible?
We've just opened a giveaways forum on tshock.co where we'll happily advertise your giveaways to our community.
Simply follow the instructions here and we'll whip up a post for you and help spread the word
-tutorials now in OP. placeholder-
I need help in modding multiplayer terraria so my friends can join me and play with some Tmodlauncher mods, and when they tried to join i didn't work if you can help me i would greatly appreciate it
I need help in modding multiplayer terraria so my friends can join me and play with some Tmodlauncher mods, and when they tried to join i didn't work if you can help me i would greatly appreciate it
TShock has no support for client sided mods at this point in time
"Load failed! No backup found." I created a folder for player/world backups on my desktop yet I still get this error message any idea why? I've used Tshock in the past without issue. does cloud save have to be active?


this is the world I'm attempting to use.


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