Member-Run Contest Weekly Spriting Contest!

TEoC Mount.png

For my second entry, a True Eye of Cthulhu Mount! Nothin' too special here, acts similarly to the UFO mount with infinite flight time. Don't ask how you're attached to it. I might add a saddle or something later on...

Welcome to the Weekly Spriting Contest!

Where each week, spriters from around the globe compete, to see who is the best.
However, this is also a place for constructive feedback, criticism, and critiquing your sprites.


If you are going to criticize, be constructive. Don't just say, "Your sprites are bad". Say, "Your sprites could use some improvement in shading, I recommend not pillow shading...".

Be patient with results. I have a busy schedule, so sometimes I might be a little late (0.5 - 1 day off) on the winners.

Voting will take place on the 8th day of the contests. (So the first 7 days are open to sprites, then the next day voting begins.) Winners will be announced on the 10th day.

This is more than one contest! These take place every week, so if you don't win one week, try again!

No using existing sprites! Make them for the contest.

Fancy backgrounds for your sprites make them look better and are allowed!

Up to three entries per person.

Any other rules for TCF apply here, obviously.


Fourth Contest:

Submission Time = 7/17/17 to 7/24/17

Voting Time: 7/25/17 to 7/28/17

Announcement Time: when I feel like it

Current Contest Theme:

A new Moon Lord drop!

Previous Winners:

@ThatGamer's Xeno Javelin!

Good luck spriting!

Well here's my entry


The Polaris Chakram, the strongest chakram you can get. (Drops in 5's)
I will? Oh yeah! Well, the new theme is... drum roll please...

Something from another game, sprited in Terraria style! For example, this Cloud Flower from SMG2 as an accessory:
Arms Barrier.png

The Arms Barrier from Cave Story cos I can't think of anything better


Super Plasma Cannon.png
Plasma Ball.png

The Super Plasma Cannon (and a projectile) from Nuclear Throne
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