What is your favorite Accessory and why?


My favorite Accessory is the Lava Waders. Just think about how useful they could be! You can just hop into lava and not even get burnt! You can WALK on water AND lava! You cant get burnt from hellstone and meteorite! It's just... so useful!
I'm quite fond of the shield. Especially once you upgrade it. Not a fan of the EoC variant, though.
This is very hard, there are so many good ones... I guess my top 3 would be:

1: Ankh Shield (no annoying debuffs anymore, no knockback anymore)
2: Celestial Shell (stat boosts at night and day, good maneuvering in water)
3: Worm Scarf (17% percent less damage are too good to pass up IMO)
Wings, an extension to mobility that makes overal life in hardmode easier to handle. It's so common that It's almost required to progress.
Functionally: Lightning/Frostspark boots, I can never not use them after I get them

Visually: Moon Charm, best for vanity, I love the werewolf
Ankh shield : prevents knockback and other debuffs such as burning , poisoned and confused , grants additional defense
Celestial shell : Increased stats , the stats are even better at night , and in underwater , you can freely move and breathe
Fishron Wings, provide amazing speed boost in water and extra mobility.

Lightning Boots, movement speed increase + Increased flight time.

Celestial Stone, boosts your stat all day long.
For wings, I like the Hoverboard the best. Betsy's Wings or the Vortex Booster will eventual replace it, but the incredibly fast acceleration horizontally eliminates the need for any Hermes Boots variant.

For anything besides wings, the Destroyer Emblem (a la @Symail) is my first pick. Big damage and crit boosts, and since I usually only have DPS boosting accessories besides wings, this emblem is my first pick!
I'd have to say the Celestial Cuffs. It's the most useful accessory for a mage character as, especially during events, it means almost constant mana replenishing.
my two favourite accessories are
-the ankh shield, because it literally blocks 95% of all debuffs in the game. I found it super helpful end - game.
-wings since they allow flight, its super good for fighting bosses, especially the moonlord.
My favourite accessory is the Fire Gauntlet
, what is your favourite accessory?
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