PC Why the newest Tmodloader 0.11.X version have to run from Steam?


On the past 3 months I have been tried to fill my freetime to create a unique modpack with Elements Awoken, Ancinents Awaken, GRealm and other mods without using Steam Launcher (because my brother always plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds all days and I don't want to login back to his Steam account at home), and I almost I have been finished to adding some well known mods when the TModloader 0.11.1 came and ruined my attempts.
I don't know why I have to login to my Steam account to testing some mods which may be half-compatible with other mods. I tested the pre-0.11.x TModloader mods with a GoG version of Terraria and now I can't do that now from mid of July month.
What's the sense to try some mods if the devs of TModloader don't let me see some of new Terraria mods? :-O
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