Xbox One Will we be able to join multiplayer servers on console?


The Destroyer
I play console (xbox) and mobile. I’ve been playing for some time now, and i’ve always wondered why we can join multiplayer servers on mobile and not console. are the developers still working out some cross platform kinks?


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The developers do wish to attempt making crossplay possible at some point in the future. It is not guaranteed to happen and it is possible it might not work for Terraria, but it is on the agenda of the developers to attempt.


Im with rory here but i feel the creators they have worked so hard for this game to become one of the greatest if not the greatest so why would they take the HUGE leap to cross platform i feel like with some games that just causes chaos when one person gets made fun of because they have a switch or have to play on mobile because they aren't financially blessed enough to get a better console. (btw im not hating on any switch or mobile players)
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