world disappeared from list


me and my wife had a world called PinkQ , i stored it on the terraria cloud and one day it was suddenly gone from the list
i emailed terraria support , the email they have on their website and nearly 2 weeks have gone by without a response
we are very upset....
please help us ... :(
How long have you had the world? If you've had it for a little while, you might be able to recover a backup. On Windows 7 (that's the system I use), go to...
Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds
Is the name of your world there? If so, there should be two versions. One will end with ".wld", and one will end with ".bak". Though this is just a guess (since I've never done this before), try renaming the file that ends with ".bak", and remove the ".bak" from the name. Then check Terraria again to see if it's there.

Otherwise, you may be able to still retrieve it by restoring your system back to a certain point, before the world went missing.

Hope I helped at all! :) Good luck on getting your world back. I know from experience what it's like to lose a world you've invested so many hours into, and it isn't a nice thing. Once again, good luck.
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