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PS4 World sizes


Hi. I'm completely new to Terraria. I bought it last night and in the spirit of adventure I started my first ever game on the largest world setting because didn't want to feel hemmed in. As a complete newbie, have I made a mistake? Does the rate of discovery in a large world progress the same as in a smaller one, with just a larger canvas to experience it, or is the large world aimed more for the experienced player who already knows what they are doing?


Thanks for the reply. So is a smaller world actually more challenging than a large one? I guess what I need to know is what effect does world size ultimately have on the game play?


Small World - too easy to get resources
Large World - too big. Dungeon is placed too far, end-game ores is too deep etc.
Medium World - ideal.

Midnight Heart

i always play on a large world. any other size just makes the game feel short and rather unepic.

i've never had an issue with gathering materials of any kind, in a large world. from my experience, the only real difference in world size is time. if you want to feel like you're in a tiny box and do everything in the game super fast, play on small. if you want the game and excitement to last and have plenty of space to build and explore, play on large. if you want to fall somewhere in the middle, play on medium.

i personally think the game is much more fulfilling, exciting, and epic on a large world. if an extra large world size is ever added to the game, i'll definitely be playing on that.


Thanks. That all gives an idea what to expect. As I've started on large I think I'll stick with that. Midnight heart actually described the kind of game I was hoping for when I bought it. Small sounds way too small and if I played on medium I'd probably spend most of the time feeling like I was only getting half the experience. Large it is then.
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