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@wCrane Done!
Oh hey, I'll make a request any day.

I'd like to get this guy:
Arachius -Ool.png

In your bust avatar dealio. He's a skinny, purple, Tron kinda guy. If you could add in some sorta railgun or sniper rifle as well, that would just be peachy. Don't have to, though.
Ask if you need any other details or anythin'.

Thanks in advance!
I would understand if you were to tell me no and say that I've had my fair share of requests from you. But there's no harm in asking. Could I perhaps have a portrait of Derpo? Any pose and/or background you like.
Derpo New.png

General Derpo (no legs).png
This should be the last request you'll get from me. At least for a while. ;)
i request you to put your old sprites back in the post :p if not, then could i get a panda? either a full sized panda or one of those avatar pictures
I think about fake screenshots with Monstercore. First should show Sylladex (Sylladex would take whole screen) with 3 unlocked slime forms (Green, Blue and Red) and obvious 1 boss encased in gold frame, rares encased with silver frame, rest commons with normal frames, with Up arrow (locked) above Slime button, 3 wide buttons, 2 unlocked, called Slimes(on top(Excluding Event slime called Hoppin' Jacks) and Undead(on middle) and 1 blocked saying ???(on bottom) and down arrow under ???... Second would be camp with 2 houses and campfire in middle in forest biome, 4 Non-playable Players attacking the Player Monster (obviously Red one), shown HP bar of the Player in the top screen not as hearts, but as one giant bar... and his only ability on hotbar being Tackle... (Showing not many, but many details)...

EDIT: His HP must be 1.5x value of Expert Red Slime(105 HP)
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