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    New Official Terraria Wiki Launches Today!

    Nice. Fandom is terrible! I'm glad that I no longer have to wade through ads and videos.
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    **REPORTED** Logic Sensor (Player Above) - Just stop working?

    I did not swap blocks near the sensor. But I tested placing blocks around and near the sensor with block swap off, and none of them broke. When I turned block swap on again, and placed blocks near the sensor (not even swapping blocks, just placing them), it almost immediately broke! I think...
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    **REPORTED** Logic Sensor (Player Above) - Just stop working?

    My sensors broke too. I tested it and it seems as if the sensors only break if there is solid blocks around it? It seems the more you place blocks around the sensor, the more chance there is to break... strange. It does not even need to be placed directly around it. Doesn't seem to be a pattern...
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