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  • I just want a Boreal Chest to get Ice skates bru


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    Bruh still getting used to the PC spawn rate. The Twins spawn 2 times in a row. Like bruh leave me alone lemme prepare
    I have to copy my Data in Terraria Mobile to a PC just so I could continue it in a new device. Sad I lost my 1.3 data.
    I really want a new Laptop or PC that can handle Terraria at a crisp 30fps or even better 60fps with no major framedrops. I currently have my mom's decade old relic of a laptop.
    I really love the built in Screenshot. I wish they find a way to inplement it in Mobile. I want to screenshot the full build without the HUD.
    I finally have bought Terraria in Steam (a day ago) and in Mobile(a month ago, actually) after years. Mom wouldn't let me buy so I had to play the game pirated for years. Felt REALLY good finally officially owning the game.
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