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    Hello! :joy:
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    True. (:

    True. (:
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    PC My First Official Vanity Show!

    Hey guys! So I was at a car show earlier and I got an idea.. what if we share our vanity sets in Terraria.. like a costume show (meetup) or simply a vanity show? Rules are simple: -No copying vanity sets -No insulting others sets -No inappropriate sets (if that's even possible) Basically this...
  5. BlueTomato

    I like tomatoes.

    I like tomatoes.
  6. BlueTomato

    PC Hello Everyone! :)

    Hi guys! I am BlueTomato. My real name is Abdallah but you I like being called m80 (toMATO, MATO = M80, you get the point..) So... um yea.. I don't know where to start.. I have never really been involved in a forum of a larg- *cough* HUGE community like Terraria (max. 1000 players) Well, lets...
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