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PC My First Official Vanity Show!

Should I do more of these events?

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  • Hell no!

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Hey guys! So I
was at a car show earlier and I got an idea.. what if we share our vanity sets in Terraria.. like a costume show (meetup) or simply a vanity show?

Rules are simple:
-No copying vanity sets
-No insulting others sets
-No inappropriate sets (if that's even possible)

Basically this is an annual vanity show where I keep everything organized and perfect.
I will be doing quick hookups from time to time.

Anyways registration is required so you can be on the list*
*you will not be involved if you have not registered

Copy this form below and ill it out:

Steam name:
Do you want more events like these in Terraria by me or the community?:
Version of Terraria you run:
PC, Mac, or Linux?:

Well, that is it, I hope to see at least 5 people register. Good luck to those who join.
I will be hosting, by the way.


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