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    Mobile How to get higher waves in Solo Frost Moon?

    This thread here might be of some help. Here is a complicated setup that will definitely work. Essentially, you want high DPS and virtual invincibility. You can use the Beetle Shell armor and some Warding accessories to get your defence above 85 (not all accessories need to have Warding, you'll...
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    Mobile Benefits of an artificial crimson biome

    It's not necessary to keep a crimson biome around but the crimson exclusives can sometimes be useful. Notably, the Vampire Knives, Heartreach and Rage potions and Ichor. If you're not into fishing and/or potion brewing, there's not much the crimson can offer in the late-game — you can farm the...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Missing/bonus NPC?

    Yutpan is a Dye Trader name. Are you sure you have this NPC?
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    Resolved [MOBILE] So how do you get Chlorophyte?

    I'm not sure when chlorophyte ore actually starts generating but you should focus on killing all 3 mechanical bosses first. Unless you found a drax in a shadow chest, you'll need to defeat the mechanical bosses to create a pickaxe axe or a drax in order to mine chlorophyte. Chlorophyte grows...
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    Resolved [MOBILE] how can I change NPC in the rooms?

    There's no easy way to change which NPCs occupy which houses like on PC. A solution for this on mobile is to invalidate all houses from the map by removing all light sources from those houses, and then house all available NPCs in temporary houses. Ensure that there are no excess valid houses...
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    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
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    Resolved [MOBILE] Need little help

    This thread will help. The chaos elemental's spawn is a bit bugged atm but if you build a platform with hallowed blocks directly above corrupt ones, they should spawn. The thread goes into more details so check it out.
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    Resolved [MOBILE] Best boss farm for mobile?

    This might help. And I emphasise might because it seems way too complicated for your task but it works and is made for 1.2. Essentially, you need some way of avoiding damage from your bosses and some way to deal damage. In the linked video, a heart statue farm is used which replenishes your...
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    Mobile Multiple Minions

    Get summoner class armour. Generally, the individual pieces and sets can increase minion capacity as well as minion damage, namely the Bee, Spider, Tiki, and Spooky sets. You can also get accessories like the pygmy necklace and necromantic scroll to boost your minion capacity further. As of now...
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    Can anyone direct me to a full guide that provides the colours/sprites of every block, with and...

    Can anyone direct me to a full guide that provides the colours/sprites of every block, with and without paint, while on the minimap?
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    Mobile Best endgame Mobile weapon...

    Farming the Pirate Invasion too many times. I did it quite some time ago when Pirates still dropped Pirates Maps while not at the Ocean (pre 1.2.4) so it was just a continuous stream of pirates for days. To get the Pirate Map now though, just farm some mobs in the ocean. You could go AFK with a...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Solar Eclipse not happening?

    Welp, good luck on your adventures. If you ever get that solar eclipse or plantera, do tell.
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    Resolved [Mobile] Solar Eclipse not happening?

    oh boi, that's... something
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