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    I just got port-scanned by Shodan

    I get connections like that all the time whenever I leave my server up. Think of it as white noise. If your firewall/router allows it, just add a block rule for connections from (CIDR range) and they won't be able to bother you anymore. It's more of a what than a who. It's a...
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    PC Computer crashing after playing Terraria 5 to 15 minutes

    If it's blue screening, the problem most likely is related to some problem in the system outside of the application. The blue screen information is necessary to figure out what's going on. Windows 10 might not have sufficient information on the stop screen to troubleshoot, but after restarting...
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    Running different versions

    I'm not aware of any command line parameters in the Windows version to do this, though you could probably set up batch scripts to swap out data to keep them separate. It depends. Both files have expected data structures the game needs to load, and these tend to vary from version to version...
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    Running different versions

    World and player files are signed with the current version when they get saved. Unfortunately, this makes them inaccessible to earlier versions. If you only tried to load it once, you might be able to recover the old player. Open your Players folder, locate your character file, e.g...
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    Why Is This non-Valid Housing

    Splitting it with platforms would fix it, but adding extra lighting isn't necessary unless you don't already have a light source in the area you want to be valid. Bonus tip 1: A house only needs one light source regardless of the size, so it doesn't matter if it's entirely lit or not. Bonus...
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    Why Is This non-Valid Housing

    Too large. A house or bedroom needs to be under 750 tiles to be valid. This is 56x15, which is 840 tiles.
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    Does Re-Logic allow unused/unobtainable/removed Items to appear in mods?

    In short, no. Please see the guidelines posted at the top level of the Player-Created Game Enhancements forum, particularly: My understanding is that "unobtainable content" also applies to the removed items as well
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    PC Does Corruption/Crimson spread over water?

    Or to put it another way, liquids have absolutely no effect on how corruption spreads.
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    PC Favo(u)rited items...

    Funny, I was thinking of putting together a list of "quality of life" suggestions, and this one is near the top of my list. I'm a collector, and I also have duplicates of certain accessories that have different modifiers for different purposes. I've misplaced items multiple times because I...
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    PC Terraria attempting to connect to at each startup. Why?

    Any user that concerned with micromanaging TCP/IP traffic should at least have somewhat better knowledge about diagnosing issues of this sort. Managing bodies and services like ICANN, IANA, DNS, and WHOIS exist for getting to the bottom of this. Doing a WHOIS lookup to confirm that it's a...
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    PC Terraria attempting to connect to at each startup. Why?

    I decided to do a couple more tests, adding a wide-range UDP block rule for Terraria.exe, and doing additional captures. The conversation continued. Since Wireshark doesn't say a whole lot about the particular process generating the traffic, I did an extensive capture without Terraria running...
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    PC Can someone explain how this isn't a valid house? [Solved]

    Normally, an NPC needs at least one solid block to stand on that's not next to a wall. Technically your house meets that criteria. I just built a mockup of the same structure and got the same result. Oddly, I was able to make it valid by removing a platform from one end and replacing it with...
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    PC Terraria attempting to connect to at each startup. Why?

    That's a Steam (Valve Software) network IP: NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: VALVE-V4-1 NetHandle: NET-208-64-200-0-1 Steam support reports 27030 as a potentially required port for Steam services. Doing a packet inspection when I launch the game, I...
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    PC Testing the maximum distance for a Portal Gun Station

    Going from compass measurement to blocks, you need to divide by 2 since one block is 2 feet. 674 blocks is still nothing to sneeze at though.
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    PC NoGore - Removes Gibs from Terraria (

    Really? Interesting, the stuff never bothered me much personally so I never tried changing that setting to see if there are any gaps or quirks. I just tried fighting EoC a few times with gore turned off and all I saw was it disappearing in a few puffs of smoke and maybe a bit of dust effect...
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