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Recent content by CST1229

  1. CST1229

    PC Update the Steam Banner

    It still contains the old 1.3 logo and probably some outdated sprites as well.
  2. CST1229

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

    Is the first paragraph being a copy of June intentional?
  3. CST1229

    How can I disable achievements

    So if you cannot disable the achievement (because 1.4), just set up a hoik that sends you back and forth and ride it.
  4. CST1229

    PC On Fire Debuff immunity

    Yeah. Just have the Lava charm and variants grant On Fire immunity.
  5. CST1229

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Why are all the numbers in the stats censored?
  6. CST1229

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    rip theres anti-piracy now i guess i cannot play modded from now on UPDATE: I bought the game. ok?
  7. CST1229

    Switch Can we get a save options?

    You could solve that by instead of having "Save" and "Exit", you would have "Save & Exit" and "Save Without Quitting".
  8. CST1229

    PC Bestiary : Copy and Paste (Just like World Seeds)

    The problem with exporting/importing bestiary data is that the Zoologist progression is tied to it.
  9. CST1229 Suggestion for User Experience

    Feedback 5 would be amazing. Pick Block from Minecraft, but in Terraria!
  10. CST1229

    Switch Can we get a save options?

    Did i miss something or did you reply wrongly? The post was about saving without quitting, NOT quitting without saving.
  11. CST1229

    Drag the Sun and Moon!

    Fact: In early server versions, the host could drag the sun. This is where that easter egg came from
  12. CST1229

    PC Improved duplication/research quality-of-life

    Yes. My suggestion is just make the Angler not give duplicates of researched items.
  13. CST1229

    What Would You Consider to be a "Perfect World"?

    Dungeon close to ground World evil neither covering jungle or snow A large amount of big trees Good loot No UW houses that form a complete wall over the Underworld Big jungle with a decent amount of hives and caves Enough surface chest loot Enchanted sword shrines Atleast 1 pyramid and some...
  14. CST1229

    Working as Designed Angler giving duplicates of researched items

    Note: This may not be a bug, but rather, a suggestion or an issue. Self-explanatory. When I complete fishing quests, the Angler can reward duplicate items even though I already researched them in Journey mode so I can duplicate them. Also, i did not get all of the rewards yet.
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