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  1. darthmorf

    Mobile World - How change classic -> Expert

    There are no supported third party tools for mobile. You might have some luck copying the files onto a PC and using an old version of an editor (that corresponds to the current mobile version) but it is a bit fiddly, and again not supported officially.
  2. darthmorf

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    You don't have to change them pixel by pixel, but you can use them as a reference for the sizes etc that the game is expecting for the spritesheet.
  3. darthmorf

    Standalone [1.4] Tea (Mod Loader)

    Thread locked at OP's request.
  4. darthmorf

    What does each player sprite correspond to?

    Editing files on mobile isn't supported currently, sorry. It's never been confirmed if the files follow the same layout as PC.
  5. darthmorf

    Mobile the new seed on PC, will that also be on mobile?

    Yes mobile will receive the content that has been added to PC. It's likely that it will come in bigger lumps than it did on PC. I imagine most of the 1.4 content will arrive at a similar time, or maybe the 1.4.1 updates
  6. darthmorf

    Standalone [] Gamemode Unlocked Server

    I plan to once I get a moment to :)
  7. darthmorf

    Texture Pack How to make animation for texture packs

    The easiest way is probably to use a tool like tExtract to get the vanilla animation sheet then modify it.
  8. darthmorf

    PC Do you have to be on the same version of Terraria PC to play multiplayer?

    Afraid not, you need to be on the same version. Luckily all the update is free so your friend can just update in Steam or GOG and you will be able to play :)
  9. darthmorf

    10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years! Come and Celebrate with a Contest for All Terrarians!

    Either other or steam workshop worlds I would imagine. @Unit One or @Loki might be able to confirm though :)
  10. darthmorf

    Mobile Terraria won't let me play

    This sounds like an issue you need to take up with Google - Terraria does not handle the payment system.
  11. darthmorf

    10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!

    Wait no longer, here it is! It was added to the main post.
  12. darthmorf

    10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!

    If you contact steam support they often refund you the difference in this kind of scenario :)
  13. darthmorf

    Resolved How to change pass code

    Can you elaborate? The pass code for what? Terraria does not require any sort of pass code.
  14. darthmorf


    Hi there, What sort of laptop do you own - Is it Windows, Mac or Linux? And where did you buy Terraria from, Steam or GOG?
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