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  1. darthmorf

    Server without Port Forwarding

    I'm afraid it probably depends on the setup of your university network - it sounds like quite a unique one. Usually you do need to have a port opened for dedicated servers to work, and in order to do that you would need admin access to the network, which I assume you will not be able to get at...
  2. darthmorf

    Terraria - PewDiePie Crossover Merchandise Launches Today

    I've had to say this before in this thread already, but I will say it again - please don't make rude, defamotary accusations against members of the community, no matter their prominance.
  3. darthmorf

    Resolved CAN I CHANGE THE TITLE OF A THREAD and can I delete or transfer it?!?

    If you wish to make changes like that to a thread please report it with what you would like and staff can move, lock or edit it :)
  4. darthmorf

    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    This kind of thing is best handled via DM to avoid drama. We're discussing the issue with @Acronix98 now and will get back to you after.
  5. darthmorf

    Terraria uninstalling by itself

    This sounds like an issue with steam or your PC, rather than Terraria. I suggest you contact steam support.
  6. darthmorf

    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    Even if a mod is dead, you cannot use their art without their permission. We have warned you once already for this kind of thing.
  7. darthmorf

    Amongus ninja

    Hi @Joker The Hunter - please don't use the forum as a personal file sharing site. If you need to send something privately use a platform designed for that. Thanks.
  8. darthmorf

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    They aren't replacing any assets, they are optional texture packs by the artists.
  9. darthmorf

    IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

    Please be respectful to other forum users. If you have an issue with a staff action, you should DM another member of staff rather than spreading public drama.
  10. darthmorf

    Why am I banned from changing my profile picture as well?

    Hi @Agent Sandstorm Σ, if you'd like to discuss this kind of issue please DM a staff member rather than creating a public thread.
  11. darthmorf

    PC Terraria Character moves very slowly

    Have you tried enabling frame skip within the game settings?
  12. darthmorf

    Petition to add a new reaction

    If any emotes are added, it won't be because you got a certain amount of likes. Spamming it especially will not help the cause.
  13. darthmorf

    Making a Solar texture pack, need help with wings

    You can use Tool - TExtract - Extract Terraria's images, sound effects and music! to extract the game sprites and edit those.
  14. darthmorf

    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    Sorry, we don't delete threads with significant user responses. Please stop making new threads and use this one.
  15. darthmorf

    The Eternity Mod Remastered

    Thread Locked - duplicate. Please use the original: The Eternity Mod Remastered
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