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    Boss Spawn Satellite

    This video has nothing to do with this thread. It is off-topic and self advertising. Do not post it in random threads again.
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    A Beginner's Guide to Shaders

    So does this mean we're getting weapon dyes??? Joke aside, this is pretty great information - I've not seen any guides about shaders in Terraria yet. Do you think it would be a good idea to commit some exapmple shaders to the tModloader ExampleMod too so people can see about them there?
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    Mobile Modding

    Minecraft is owned by Microsoft - they have 100x the industry clout than ReLogic so can make deals to support things like this, whereas ReLogic cannot.
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    Resolved Mobile map not working

    Have you attempted to enable the map from the main menu settings rather than ingame?
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    Additionally to what @Aurora3500 said, please just report the thread and move on, rather than telling people what to do yourself.
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    Resolved [Mobile] Do i have to buy the game again?

    Android and iOS are run by completey separate companies; of course you have to buy it again. Any purchases you made on IOS won't transfer over. You wouldn't expect to buy a copy of a game on XBox and then for Sony to just give you a free PS4 copy would you? This is the same as that.
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    Help! I can't find plantera's bulb!

    It's clear from your screenshot that the underground jungle still has lots of spots left unexplored (all the dark sections below the jungle). I reccomend you search there.
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    PC Mouse input lag !

    Can you provide some more information on what issue you're actually having? You seem to assume we're all familiar with this bug, but I've never heard of it.
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    Mobile Modding

    Very much against - it's a breach of terms of use of both the app and the platform itself.
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    Cannot delete thorium (tmodloaded) character or world

    Can you provide more information? Is there no delete button? Does the delete button not work? Do they disappear ingame but not the files in a file explorer? A screenshot of the ingame menu might help too, in addition to a list of all the mods you have enabled.
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    Mobile Modding

    Mods are not coming to Console or Mobile any time soon, the reason being that the owners of the platforms (Microsoft, Sony, Google, Apple etc) require all apps/games to be reviewed and tested before they are run on their platform. Some are more strict than others - even updates must be tested...
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    Export player Values live in text format

    Andy MT Bold to be specific. IMO it's a much cleaner solution if it works without tModloader, as then it can also be applied to other games. As with any recognition AI, you'll need some training data; images containing text/numbers in the andy font that you generate, with the text within as the...
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    Export player Values live in text format

    Temporary health is not stored in player files in the way you want it - think how unfeasible it would be to be writing/reading to some files on disk every game tick. I think your best bet is with the text-recognition approach - there should be lots of languages that have libraries you can use...
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    tModLoader Issue loading world, continuous lost connection, or crash upon daytime. (Tmodloader 64bit, fixed)

    Hi @AlexGaming03, just warning you that this post doesn't follow our rules regarding expectations when posting. Specifically, Lack of Content - we don't allow posts containing Single image/meme/word responses. I reccomend you familiarise yourself with the rules here: Important - Terrarian...
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    (Base mod) Idglibrary - a Library for Coders

    Thread locked at OP's request.
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