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  1. darthmorf

    Frontend Framework For Terraria Website/Forums

    If you mean the forums, software called XenForo is used.
  2. darthmorf

    Thanks both of you!

    Thanks both of you!
  3. darthmorf

    Afraid not, I'm still looking for him out there.... :p

    Afraid not, I'm still looking for him out there.... :p
  4. darthmorf

    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    This issue has been resolved, I'm not sure that bringing it up again will acheive anything. On this forum we don't let members blindly accuse others - they must go through proper channels (reporting the post) to ensure that no witch hunting goes on, and to stop public drama like what happened in...
  5. darthmorf

    Mac Terraria on Mac

    As far as I know there are no plans for an official 64 bit version. There is however a third party version of tModloader that is 64 bit that you may be able to use: Standalone - [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)
  6. darthmorf

    Mobile Sunflower flying

    Can you upload the world file please?
  7. darthmorf

    Mobile Mobile server randomly crashing

    Crossplay between Mobile and PC isn't currently supported, so any issues encountered while playing this way aren't valid I'm afraid, and you'll likely keep running into issues.
  8. darthmorf

    Mobile I need help with a problem.

    Please report the thread instead of replying next time so we can move it! I've put this in the right section now.
  9. darthmorf

    Pixel Art Darkpuppey's Sprites and Resprites

    Please do not publicly accuse other members of plagiarism. If you seriously think someone has stolen work, report it to staff so that we can handle it. Thanks.
  10. darthmorf

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    Hey @Xakk - I've moved your new thread into the existing one here so we don't have a duplicate. Best to keep related issues all together :)
  11. darthmorf

    Avatar gif animation is cut outside of preview.

    This sounds like an issue with the gif itself - have you attempted to adjust the options as to how frames combine within whatever tool you used to make the gif?
  12. darthmorf

    Mobile Glitch when Zoom out

    Can you provide any screenshots or videos of your issue please?
  13. darthmorf

    Avatar gif animation is cut outside of preview.

    Can you upload the file here? And have you tried reducing the file size? You've been warned before about LoC/spammy posts. Please only post if you have something relevant to add to the discussion. If all you have to add is this, you would do better to leave a reaction instead.
  14. darthmorf

    Mobile Mobile Dedicated Server for

    Are your friends on the same network as you? If not, have you set up portforwarding?
  15. darthmorf

    will there be another update for mobile???

    Yes, mobile will eventually be updated to match the PC version of Terraria. Master mode is already available on mobile with the recently released 1.4 update.
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