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  1. DDarkLord

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2020

    Thou wrong. Which sense o' Master Mode whereafter thy World's progress completed? How thou'st intended to defeat this Terrifying Diabolic Giant Eye o' Night's Horror wit' Master Mode's Changed Behaviour? With's thy S. D. M. G. or thy Meowmere? Such a Nonsense.
  2. DDarkLord

    Mors Inevitabilis est.

    Mors Inevitabilis est.
  3. DDarkLord

    tModLoader Skyblock Mod

    Hello there, I think, in your mod lack of recipes. I cannot craft gold chest, web spinner (grappling hook) and hardened sand block. This limits the possibilities while playing your mod. And the mod created for older version of TModLoader. There are were no updates almost year. Please, add more...
  4. DDarkLord

    tModLoader Skyblock Mod

    Why i can't craft life crystal?
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