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Recent content by deut

  1. deut

    tModLoader Cheat Extensions for HEROsMod and CheatSheet

    I suppose it was the other mods I had on, those being fargo's soul mod and calamity, because when I tried noclip with them off it was perfectly fine. Sorry!
  2. deut

    tModLoader Cheat Extensions for HEROsMod and CheatSheet

    saw the mod on the tmodloader browser, genuinely looks dope. ima try it out edit: yes, it is amazing. i love mine aura and teleportation. 10/10. however, this is probably a game issue and not a mod issue, i just instantly crashed when i tried to activate noclip. still 10/10 tho. <3
  3. deut

    How is this made?

    The walls are painted dynasty wood, the red blocks look like bone platforms which were hammered and then painted red, and also the dynasty wood blocks connected to the platforms are actuated. edit: looked at it a bit more and yes, those are definitely bone platforms.
  4. deut

    Boss Colored Relics

    that genuinely looks amazing. the coloring is just on point and it perfectly represents the bosses. Love it!
  5. deut

    jeez. havent ben on in like 6 months. gotta see what's new! i miss this community, it's amazing.

    jeez. havent ben on in like 6 months. gotta see what's new! i miss this community, it's amazing.
  6. deut

    Golf Mini Golf Map W.I.P.

    Yep. It took at least 20 attempts to get through each course. Still nicely made courses, though.
  7. deut

    mmmmmmm yes tmodloader is nice mod browser isn't working + error message anyone else having...

    mmmmmmm yes tmodloader is nice mod browser isn't working + error message anyone else having this problem or do I need to fix something? it started doing this after the recent update
  8. deut

    Have you ever been taunted by mobs after dying?

    Let's say you're fighting recklessly in a goblin invasion, getting overwhelmed and then you die. As soon as you die, some stupid enemy does something that tilts you and/or makes you laugh, something along the lines of a taunt, like a goblin archer having a rave once he's shot you, something...
  9. deut

    Resolved How do I get an enchanted sword in journey mode?

    If you wanna find an enchanted sword early-game, use jester arrows and explore the forest biomes that are near the dungeon/ocean. Fire the jester arrows into the ground, preferably from a higher point because the more travel time of the arrow somehow increases how much light it releases. Once...
  10. deut

    Attack pattern of enraged Duke Fishron is too simple and need to be buffed

    thanks for the uh tip on how to shorten my playthroughs by a few hours
  11. deut

    Sprites New Lunar Event Weapons!

    The blackhole cannon looks real neat. Are you going to have this just function as a normal weapon or have it suck up enemies and deal damage? That'll be amazing for events.
  12. deut

    Golf Mini Golf Map W.I.P.

    I wish I never forgot golf existed. Your map wasn't bad, I absolutely loved the floating islands and the forest golf areas, but god golf in general is tedious and it makes me wanna beat myself on the head with the golf club. Still, good job, it was a pretty good experience aside from a few...
  13. deut

    Golf Mini Golf Map W.I.P.

    I forgot golf existed until this post. I might check it out. It looks awesome! I love that treehouse design.
  14. deut

    A Solution to NPC Happiness that Works

    I kinda like spreading my NPC houses around the world and testing out my creativity instead of cramming them into one massive NPC shoebox, even though that's more effective. Personally, I don't care about discounts because I usually have a massive amount of spare cash because I usually do...
  15. deut

    tModLoader My tModLoader Rant

    i know you'd like answers more than opinions, but that was a damn good video and it exceeded any expectations i had
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