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Recent content by DJFlare84

  1. DJFlare84

    PC About the Crumbling Dungeon Blocks

    I kinda get your point but I don't think entire pits should vanish at once. I like how the blocks crumble a bit at a time and you land on a lower one and this gives you a very split-second chance to escape your doom. It's really neat. The only thing I don't like is how the crumbling is wildly...
  2. DJFlare84

    No new Lunar weapons?

    I'm surprised Journey's End didn't bring us some new weapons to make out of the pillar fragments. If anyone in the modding scene is taking suggestions (or if the crew decides to add one or two things later on...) ~Glorious Sun~ A Solar-themed Flail. While twirling, you gain a HEAT SHIELD that...
  3. DJFlare84

    Question about World Seeds...

    ... if I were to show you a map seed would you be able to tell me which digit controls the color of the dungeon? Is it possible to change one digit in a world seed and have the only thing change be the dungeon's color? I found a map seed I like, but the dungeon is green. Yuck...
  4. DJFlare84

    PC Summoner Discussion - What could be done to make it more viable?

    This has to be the best, most thorough and in-depth look into the topic of why Summoner feels so bad right now, I especially love the part about whips and I absolutely agree. Whoever implemented them in the game obviously did NOT play a lot of summoner and has no idea what it's actually like to...
  5. DJFlare84

    Would love to build a house in the desert, except.........

    It's... not really that treacherous though? I guess once Hardmode begins... But here's another thing I just thought up, it's actually really easy to destroy dungeon walls in particular, and make a spawn somewhere down inside it. The trouble we're talking about in this thread only applies to...
  6. DJFlare84

    Would love to build a house in the desert, except.........

    Ha-haaa... it's like you don't remember Magic Mirrors exist... And let's not forget the new Return potions, which granted... you can't make until Hardmode, but before that they can be uncommonly (not RARELY) found. ... also you could just bring a piggybank with you. There's a number of ways...
  7. DJFlare84

    Prehardmode Summoner Still Has Issues.

    I honestly believe it's because they just plain have no interest in doing anything more with pre-hardmode. Their entire focus is on adding new content to the lategame, which is alright of course, but leaving your earlygame to rot means that you're giving up on improving half the experience for...
  8. DJFlare84

    an acheivement meme for your enjoyment

    Hmmm, y'know... that gets me thinkin'... You don't TECHNICALLY need to craft a workbench to beat Terraria... if you can somehow journey down to hell you can pick up an obsidian one...
  9. DJFlare84

    Sprites The Decay: Land of the Restless Bones [Alternate Corruption]

    Oh :red:... this is REALLY NICE!!! ... please include a summoner weapon we need more of those for earlygame. lol
  10. DJFlare84

    Prehardmode Summoner Still Has Issues.

    Terraria on the whole is very bad about helping the player interact with the class system at all before Hardmode. Gunners have the same issue, with the only gunning set being locked behind Skeletron. The only real class before hardmode is melee with maybe a side of mage, who gets both meteor AND...
  11. DJFlare84

    Customizing your world (Worldgen Options)

    I know that Journey's End is, like, the END, but if they update this game in the future I'd still like to see the option for spawn biome choice.
  12. DJFlare84

    Would love to build a house in the desert, except.........

    Absolutely agreed on this part. Especially because I do not at all understand the purpose of making natural walls invincible in this manner. There is genuinely no apparent purpose other than to spite the player.
  13. DJFlare84


    It's not control of my own mobility that's the problem so much as I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DODGE THESE THINGS. Admittedly, part of it is my fault since I like playing Summoner, aka the squishiest guy. So even one hit is devastating in and of itself. Mainly my biggest issue seems to be the sheer...
  14. DJFlare84

    Summoner whips

    I don't like them. I like the concept of encouraging the summoner to be more proactive in the fight by adding a weapon type that gives his minions bonus damage when he lands hits with it. But it's also melee ranged and requires the summoner, who is the SQUISHIEST MEMBER OF THE GROUP, to get in...
  15. DJFlare84


    I keep hearing about "getting better at dodging" and "not taking hits" and I'm starting to wonder what sorcery you guys are pulling to dodge so effectively.
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