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  1. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    Seems worlds are having trouble opening with this mod active on my end. A little sad, since I find this mod's concepts rather enjoyable. Might relate to Tremor being active at the same time now that I think about it... Anyways, maybe there could be some sort of a trimmed down version that could...
  2. Draconic Technologist

    PC Is it possible to be completely immune to any monster or boss?

    On the topic of Slime bouncing Invincibility and using weapons (as Starblaster said), only weapons that can't hit multiple targets (aka, non-piercing weapons) can be used to fight atop an invincibility slime machine, any other weapons are fair game. Such as a minishark with chlorophyte bullets...
  3. Draconic Technologist

    1.3.6 Background Preview

    i think i see flesh bricks or something under the skull edit: a NEW kind of flesh brick, not flesh blocks (but there are flesh blocks there)
  4. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Nathan's Tweaks

    cool, OP and probably not going to be used by me anytime soon, but i'll keep it in my mods folder if i feel like trying it out
  5. Draconic Technologist

    Is this texture pack legal to post?

    assuming you're not making money off it or anything, it should be perfectly legal?
  6. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

    it seems like this mod has a minor incompatibility with Tremor, specifically with the Alchemist from this mod replacing the Alchemist from the other when loading a world
  7. Draconic Technologist

    Biome Stacking

    I'm fairly sure I've seen a multi-biome stacker using actuators and blocks from each biome to switch between the biome you want to get spawns from, but I don't remember anything else
  8. Draconic Technologist

    PC Sorting Algorithm in Terraria

    that's impressively fast for it being the *slowest* it can be
  9. Draconic Technologist

    PC A Wiring Tip a Day

    definitely gonna keep posted on this tip #1 already seems like it's very logical
  10. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

    The issue is indeed something to do with this prefixes mod, not anything else... I came up with a theory that maybe it has to do with the fact that old one's army enemies enter a semi-unsolid state whilst not chasing the player (which requires the player being within a small distance of them to...
  11. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

    It appears the whole thing with the old one's army has been noticed already... I have an update on the whole thing from testing with two full fights under the restrictions given by this mod: If you leave an area of 10-15 blocks of an Old One's Army enemy, it despawns, not just never coming from...
  12. Draconic Technologist

    Wavebank Nebulord's Wavebanks.

    it is likely set to 0 to prevent crashing due to not being able to load a file it should be loading, since 0% volume results in the actual sounds/music not actually playing at all. i know this because i've set my music volume to 0 and when i put it back up to anything else it starts from the...
  13. Draconic Technologist

    PC The Penultimate Chimera's Small Texturepacks

    Hm.. Seems I must have cleared out my dropbox or something... I'll get on it. --Edit 20:10-- And the link is repaired
  14. Draconic Technologist

    Linux [Showcase] Bad Apple!!

    Amazing work! Glad to see this song isn't dead yet too
  15. Draconic Technologist

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Oh my gosh Look at those devourer sprites, They look so awesome!!
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