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    World gen for full content in one world

    Ohh both evils rather than the Hallow? I actually think that is a interesting seed idea as the Dryad can still sell the necessary ingredients to make an artificial hallow though it definitely needs a different name not sure how I feel about the debuff idea. I don't think the crimson is...
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    Regarding the orca and arch wyvern.

    Hmm I can see this in a mod or something since I don't really see this happening in the base game particularly as it would likely require some adaptation as one of the problems with the console enemies was they spawned anywhere their regular counterpart could. I think there is a mod which seeks...
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    An issue with player-placed background walls preventing enemy spawns

    Note that if expanded like this there would still be a couple of natural walls specifically those in the ice biome and the special varieties of wall in the underground jungle which can't be created or restored as those biomes natural walls when purified become their regular cavern equivalents...
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    Advanced World Options

    Yeah sounds like this would have to be for the mod supporting variation if alt biome suggestion content is included. a version which allows special seeds however could be fun for the base game perhaps playing on a special seed unlocks the option to add it or some of its special...
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    World gen for full content in one world

    I like the idea for a special seed as those have been an interesting variations on normal gameplay but unfortunately the seed Terraria already exists as a fairly bland special seed which causes the guide to always spawn with the name Andrew. Anyways the main challenge seems to be in regards to...
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    What is your Favorite Stage of Terraria?

    Hmm Terraria as it is now really feels like its best divided into 3 "Acts" The first act is prehardmode which is all about exploration and preparation getting to know your world and finding out what is where for later on. The bosses here are also quite diverse thematically with a relatively...
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    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    Hmm Seems it got updated since the last time I visited Reading through this it is still quite sad how many of what used to be some of my favorite weapons are sitting in the garbage tiers. In particular Spears are so forgotten... (They could have at least had some use if all the hardmode ones...
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    New special seeds for 10th anniversary

    Yes normally but FTW already drastically messes with enemy stats and behavior and CelebrationMK10 shows new and or different enemies can be spawned so it shouldn't be hard to make a world where the scaling starts as "hard mode" even though it technically isn't. This was what I had meant...
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    New special seeds for 10th anniversary

    Had they hinted they were going to add a new seed prior to the release of CelebrationMK10? Well if they do add future special seeds on future anniversaries As others said I really like the "Opps all ocean" seed idea. My main concern relates to my concerns regarding progression in light of...
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    PC (Disclaimer: I'm new here so sorry if this should be somewhere else then Multi-Topic) As you can probably tell from my name I like the bone glove so..

    Yeah I miss the real bone Glove it was a fun weapon to use as an accessory its just not good enough to stand out. I wish they had split it into the accessory and a normal Skeletron weapon drop. Yeah its an extremely weird choice though I don't think the Fire Gauntlet would make that much more...
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    Items you think are overrated?

    Yeah I agree if you use absolute damage calculations melee was objectively awful excluding the original prenerf North Pole (Which managed to achieve the Highest DPS possible as there was no damage cap and specialized enemy farms designed to abuse The Horseman's Blade. I think that was a...
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    Items you think are overrated?

    Yeah honestly the Vampire Knives are a bit overrated as with a good build and knowledge of what you are doing you don't need the life steal which you can't even use against Moonlord.
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    Items you think are overrated?

    What? The Scourge of the Corruptor is amazing! The weapons only "flaw" is being the counterpart of Vampire Knives one of the few things unobtainable in the other evil worlds outside of Drunk Worlds.
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    Crimson vs Corruption

    Hmm biome wise I like both but in terms of aesthetic Corruption looks better extending much more naturally into other biomes and feels far more natural like an invasive ecosystem rather than a sinister evil force. The enemies are split between converted creatures and more consistent denizens...
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    Items you think are overrated?

    Yeah this strategy hasn't worked in years because it was patched out of the game. In fact I think one of the Destroyer buffs back in 1.2 was at least in part basically intended to hard counter this strategy. Quite frankly this is the reason why the Destroyer was given total debuff immunity...
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