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    Library MP3Sharp Crashes Game on Launch

    Same problem. I can also confirm deleting MP3Sharp.dll fixes this. For anyone who doesnt know: You can add "-logerrors -logfile" to launch options on Steam for Terraria to get logs ^^
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    Official The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation And Use For The Terraria Workshop

    Love the new workshop integration! Though i have one problem... I tried replacing the normal music with the otherworldly music but it wont play the title and the day music, all others are woking... Any fix to this? ^^'
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    Just updated the the Info with Instructions on how to use the custom Wavebank ^^
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    I just checked it again and the Nights Edge (ID 273) already has a resprite added to the collection ^^'
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    Sure ^^ I might add it soon :D
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    PC Make the otherworld soundtrack an option, not a world trait

    I created a new Wavebank that replaces all music with the otherworld music ^^ I can attach the Wavebank if you would like, though you woul have to replace it in the files manually. I tried to create a texturepack with the wavebank too but there it just doesnt get recognized
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    Steam keeps on re-downloading my Terraria and my character and world is gone

    Happened to me lately too, i just "installed" it into the same place where it currently is as it hadnt been deleted/uninstalled, rather just not recognized. After hitting install on the same location it said "existing files found" and just scanned them. Afterwards nothing new had been installed...
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    If anyone would like to suggest another texture pack that should be added or made one and wants to have it added, just go ahead and ask :P
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    I finally have permission of all the creators! Have fun with the collection ^^
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    haha lucky you xD I almost have confirmation from all creators too. Once i got them you can download it again with some updates made to it ^^ (for example Camellia's Sprite Pack)
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    PC Eclip5e's Ultimate Collection

    Some have pm'd already ^^
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    PC danrevic's Sprite/Texture Replacements

    The Textures you made look amazing! Love them :3
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    PC Retro Styled Health Bars

    chuckster. may i use the healthbars you made in a collection im making? ^^
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    PC No Solar Shield - Finally a way to hide the shield!

    hey @Deobus may i use your texture pack in a colleciton im making? ^^
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    Dark Mode UI

    @Tenoxo may i use your dark mode texture pack in a collection im making? ^^
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