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Recent content by Freyon77

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    Mana Cloak star pickups have no grab range when inventory is full.

    In that case you are right, it is a bug Unfortunately it doesn't work for every item as I got as far as post planter :>
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    Mana Cloak star pickups have no grab range when inventory is full.

    I don't see any problem. Star->object Every object in the game is attracted to you when you approach it, except when you have a full inventory. The accessory you are writing about only increases the range of star attraction, if you have a full inventory then the attraction of normal objects does...
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    Linux Terraria Bugs and Issues on Linux

    I have no problems with terraria on any linux. Work out of the box I think there may be problems with your graphic driver (My version is from gog)
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    I have been having this happen to me when I press multiplayer or singlplayer

    Install XNA framework, update windows 10, install net framework 4.0
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    PC Player Corrupted

    You indicated that the problem only occurs on multi. Maybe during the last ending of the game while saving and leaving the server your character somehow got doubled. If they are also corrupted, it may be that the server was shut down during saving or gameplay. If not, this is another bug that...
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    PC My game is in fast-motion?

    1.Disable borderless windows in terraria settings 2.Limit fps in your gpu driver for terraria
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    Cloud Saves are Borked

    Never use cloud saves Just copy terraria folder from my games in documents and upload it to any cloud service
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    corrupted world and player

    In my case, everything was ok. Maybe the problem occurred when you closed the terrarium for the last time, did you leave the world via the menu? The update itself doesn't seem to modify the saves until they are loaded/saved
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    Changes to world generator

    That is, if I understand correctly the seeds are just numbers. And for the appearance of the world from a given seed "number" is responsible the version of the world generator from the given game version. So for example seed "1" will look different on 1.3 than on This would mean that...
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    Changes to world generator

    Hello I created a world on corruption back in the days of Now the same seed on after creating the world is different i.e. instead of 2 enchanted sword shrine there is only 1. It disappeared from the place where it was before. It wouldn't be any problem if there was no...
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    Illogical rod behavior

    Hi I discovered an illogicality in the game, I will present the situation. 1.I do not have any bait in my inventory 2.The rod is cast in the water despite the lack of bait 3.I pick up a lure from the ground while approaching it. 4.Suddenly I see that the fish is caught. It should be so that I...
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    8 PM in Polish translate

    Hi Out of curiosity as I don't use Polish in the game due to the wiki, sleeping in my base on the clock at 8 PM etc. I noticed an illogical translation. The game displays 8:00 PM even though it is evening, I understand that this is the translation for 8:00 PM however it is silly and I felt...
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