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  1. Fudjijama

    PC TeamTerraria 5 - Private 1.4 Playthrough Server Signups

    -Number of hours played: Currently 1115 hours. -Age: 20 -Tell us why you want to join the server: I’ve participated in TT4 and it was a lot of fun, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since. -Planned name of your character: Broback -Class: Probably melee. -Your Steam profile name...
  2. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Congrats, I could almost feel that relieve during the pause when you finally beat him :D
  3. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Yeah, I can see why that'd be frustrating... maybe you should just bomb that marble cave into smithereens. (Edit: may also help with releasing some tension :D) As for tips for fighting him - I don't really have any, sorry. Never been in a situation like that, especially if you consider platforms...
  4. Fudjijama

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    What where your thoughts when you designed Duke Fishron? I'm pretty interested, since the mix of a boar and a fish that shoots tornados which shoot sharks is quite... special. Another question: Is the demolitionist a dwarf or simply a small bearded man? If he is a dwarf, is he the only one? And...
  5. Fudjijama

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Share your story

    Terraria was actually the first game I've ever bought on Steam. I got it in early 2013 because two of my friends recommended it to me, and we used to play it pretty much daily. That didn't prevent us from being terrible, though: We didn't know that houses need walls in order to be valid, for...
  6. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Nice job, glad to see your grinding paid off! The Pygmy Staff is pretty a nice drop, the Grenade Launcher probably has too little ammo to be used effectively for long, though. But now the path for stronger and (probably) easier to obtain equipment is clear. Mothron Wings, Nail Gun, Magnet...
  7. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Since you've defeated the Mechs you could now get a Death Sickle and a Moon Stone from a Solar Eclipse. I'm not 100% sure how useful the Death Sickle would be, but the Moon Stone is better than the Moon Charm in pretty much every regard according to the wiki. If you don't want to wait for an...
  8. Fudjijama

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    That sounds way easier, thanks! :D
  9. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Nice job! Djinn's Curse is one of those items I never really paid attention to, aside from vanity reasons. You get it relatively late in the game when there's already better alternatives available and you have to give up a set bonus. But it's nice to know that even this item has its use under...
  10. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    You were relatively close, if you use your minion (maybe even two if you've gotten a Bewitching Table) and healing potions next time you should definitly be able to do it. The only upgrades gear-wise I can think of currently would be to maybe farm for an Uzi in the jungle and get Musket Balls by...
  11. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Hey, my suggestion with the Coin Gun is actually a thing now! :D Also nice to see that Gold Ring, that will probably help with making it usable longer.
  12. Fudjijama

    Which are the best Pre-hardmore weapons in Terraria?

    The Water Bolt is much better than Flower of Fire, Flamelash and the Aqua Scepter imo. It pierces enemies and ricochets off of walls so it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll hit something eventually when fighting in enclosed rooms (all caves, Dungeon, even Underworld to some extend). Its...
  13. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    Good job! I'd say you're lucky Prime was the one to spawn first, as I think he's the easiest of the mechs, but... you don't really gain anything aside from Greater Healing Potions. But at least now Life Fruits will start growing. Do the projectiles of the Cursed Darts pierce? If so, could they...
  14. Fudjijama

    Bosses - Easiest to Hardest

    15. King Slime 14. Eater of Worlds 13. Eye of Cthulhu 12. Queen Bee 11. Brain of Cthulhu 10. Golem 9. Skeletron 8. Wall of Flesh 7. Skeletron Prime 6. Destroyer 5. Lunatic Cultist 4. Duke Fishron 3. Twins 2. Plantera 1. Moon Lord
  15. Fudjijama

    The pure loot playthrough

    I have never used the Dart Rifle before, is it any good against the mechs? Also, will the mechs get videos like the WoF? I don't want you to spoil us, but still ;)
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