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Recent content by GCTypo

  1. GCTypo

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    BFG 9000 reforge cost has some integer underflow shenanigans when re-rolled to "broken" (and possibly other very negative prefixes). Screenshot attached.
  2. GCTypo

    tModLoader abluescarab's Mods

    Another issue with Wings Slot, though this may be intended: Wings can only be put in the wings slot, not in any main accessory slot like vanilla. This can be a problem with modded accessories that are more than just wings, such as Calamity's Seraph Tracers, when there are stronger pure wings...
  3. GCTypo

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Are you sure? I was having a tough time with regular non-expert ML just now. Projectiles I'd normally tank through since they're too tough to dodge (such as eyeball hexagon) would hit me for 180+ damage with 82 defense. The only reason I survived is because my damage was so high. Before this run...
  4. GCTypo

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Am I missing something or is Aquatic Scourge absurdly difficult for a pre-Plantera boss? I'm taking 160+ damage per hit with the best pre-Plantera summoner gear I have available (Thorium's Life Bloom armor, 38 defense, total of 67 defense w/ accessories). With its bullet hell sections I can't...
  5. GCTypo

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Spirit ore doesn't seem to generate when the biome passes through the underground snow. Only after digging all the way down to lava level does it show up.
  6. GCTypo

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    I'm also getting this crash, when accessing the storage system through other peripherals. Not consistently, but at least once every couple hours. EDIT: Accidental double post
  7. GCTypo

    tModLoader imkSushi's Mod

    Great mod as always, but I noticed the Uzi is available immediately upon entering hardmode. Farming the hardmode jungle is usually not done until at after the pirate invasion or the first mechanical boss, and certainly not with pre-hardmode armor. The Uzi is a very powerful gun for being...
  8. GCTypo

    tModLoader Infinity

    Nice touch.
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