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Recent content by Greenbaron

  1. Greenbaron

    Plantera harpoon

    The harpoon is a good weapon-pre Brain of Cthulhu. But what if there was a post plantera variation? I call it... THE PLANTERA HARPOON!!! (Please make Sprite) It's a plantera bulb in a leafy harpoon thing. Stats: 50 damage Poison damage 13% chance for critical hit New ideas and modifications welcome!
  2. Greenbaron

    Pixel Art Haloboy01134's Pixel arts and weapon sprites.

    Can I get a chain gun+shot gun thing? Sorry if that doesn't make sense.
  3. Greenbaron

    Pixel Art SnugBoat's Superb Sprites

    Can you make a small troll? It doesn't need to be animated.
  4. Greenbaron

    Pixel Art GabeHasWon's Sprites

    The gold and platinum rifles seem a bit disproportioned.
  5. Greenbaron

    A few interesting lunar weapon ideas.

    The selenian scythe should be a magic weapon, sort of a upgrade to the demon scythe.
  6. Greenbaron

    Any Ideas?

    Wait for a update
  7. Greenbaron

    Glekk's Random Terraria Ideas (#1)

    How bout instead of goblins in the Glorium you put in willo wisps or hinky punks.(look it up)
  8. Greenbaron

    PC Ideas for Underground Desert

    Would the mummy brain and skeleton worm have equal or greater power?
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