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Recent content by GrizzlyPoof

  1. GrizzlyPoof

    How do you organize your hotbar?

    1. R.O.D. (Yes ik, it's weird 2. Wpn 1 3. Wpn 2 Rest is random (Haha, I'm pretty unorginanized)
  2. GrizzlyPoof

    Mouse pointer flickering glitch

    Ah well, it's just a funny little thing I accidently discovered
  3. GrizzlyPoof

    Mouse pointer flickering glitch

    When you hover your mouse pointer at "< Outdent" (In the text menu above your text) try to move the mouse as little to the left, stop when you see the pointer constantly changing :D EDIT: It works with all lol
  4. GrizzlyPoof

    Share your RNG luck here!

    I still have not got a nazar on my first world ._.
  5. GrizzlyPoof

    Who thinks that Cthulhu shouldn't be added as a boss?

    Or when ML is about to get into his second phase, it looks like he's dying but with the presence of cthulu, he gives him an other chance to fight with a spell or something
  6. GrizzlyPoof

    Who thinks that Cthulhu shouldn't be added as a boss?

    No C boss needed, but maybe a painting of Cthulu with his head open (Reference to BoC) and a missing eye (Reference to EoC)?
  7. GrizzlyPoof

    Share your RNG luck here!

    Oof, I just said that too xD
  8. GrizzlyPoof

    Share your RNG luck here!

    Building a farm for The Rod of Discord, is done, gets it after 2 minutes of farming. I think that's more of a bad luck thing I think ;-; But I did get it very early on my first playthrough ever, yay
  9. GrizzlyPoof

    What if there were a other boss after the Moon Lord

    To be honest, I just wanted the original poster to put a leg on something, since they don't have anything and fyi, I'm okay without a post-ML, Terraria has enough content for me now, so eh
  10. GrizzlyPoof

    PC Villager joins the battle!

    Can I come along too? I'm pretty new but I did got post-ML, I'm MrGrizzly#3567 I won't do Voice Chat -GrizzlyPoof :lslime: P.S. Question: what time zone are you in? I'm a European :p
  11. GrizzlyPoof

    WIP Terraria ideas (W.i.P)

    Questions, contra's and support: 1. What do the NPC's sell/do? 2. Banana food is really unessecary... we already have enough food that are quite easy to make, and give WAY more minutes. 3. I do support that new potion... I bet it's made from Ironskin, regen and swiftness pot but +25% dmg is a...
  12. GrizzlyPoof

    Is Minecraft Steve or the Terraria Player stronger? I have the answer.

    Well if you put a oiggy bank in a piggy bank, and you open a third piggy bank, it'll just have the same piggy bank in it as the other one.. so you can't do infinite... I mean try to do it yourself
  13. GrizzlyPoof

    What if there were a other boss after the Moon Lord

    I have one: Sun Lord: What will happen? The Sun Lord can ONLY be summoned when the world is post-moonlord, can be summoned at all times. It's animation is (When daytime) that the sun looks like it's boiling, and at nighttime it will fast forward to 4:30 AM (Only if it is nighttime) and after 1...
  14. GrizzlyPoof

    How will terraria continue on its lore and what will the future hold

    I'm very new... and I bet like any other Terrarian that we want new updates and content, but even then, the game now is AWESOME!! And I have not explored Expert-Mode, 1-Class-Only-Playthroughs, good building, playing with friends... (Rip me) YET, so I guess only the Veterans are really waiting...
  15. GrizzlyPoof

    PC I can enter world, but it's not in my files

    Yes! I found it! Thank you so much, and yes you did understand correctly this time :)
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