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    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

  2. Hyero

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    Lol I was waiting for this. Nice.
  3. Hyero

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    As an avid Monster Hunter player, grinding is basically part of my lifestyle. I killed well over 300 sharks last night in the ocean simply to get the divers helmet. It's only a 2% drop. Stroke of bad luck. I prefer the grind. It makes things worth it.
  4. Hyero

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    I worded it poorly. Is the recipe for the Terror Staff now for a different item? When I was playing earlier the item is now a scythe.
  5. Hyero

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Have you changed the weapon recipes around for the summoning artifact weapon?
  6. Hyero

    Terraria: Otherworld Changing of the Guard: An Update from Otherworld

    We're currently on the 3rd start of Otherworld. At this point I'd expect them to at least have something hobbled together from recycled assets from previous builds, made concepts for several NPCs and enemies, some weapons, environments and possibly improved upon the leveling system and quest...
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    Terraria: Otherworld Changing of the Guard: An Update from Otherworld

    I decided to come browse the forums and see if there's any type of news among the other threads. Good to see the devs still haven't made any progress and still have nothing worthwhile to tell us. I'm going to be straightforward here. The last time I was this disappointed was post-opening...
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    Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

    This is the primary reason why communication between both parties is important lol.
  9. Hyero

    Pixel Privateers Out Now!

    I'll look forward to seeing some LPs
  10. Hyero

    Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!

    Awesome. Now I'm going to watch and see if it hits 30m before Otherworld releases lol.
  11. Hyero

    Pixel Privateers!

    I'm not going to be buying this game, however I'm going to watch LPs if they come up to simply see how far it's come from Pixel Piracy. I enjoyed watching what Pixel Piracy had to offer, however it seemed a bit too rough and didn't feature nearly enough content which has left. The damage was...
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    Official Terraria: Otherworld

    I don't really mind necro posts. It's already pretty dead here, so it's nice to see some un-death every now and again.
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