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  1. M.unchie

    Do you guys think that Terraria is Anime?

    Oh by the way... I would say that the gun that the heavy is carrying is roughly the size of the terra blade. and if you haven't noticed, your averagely muscled character swings the terra blade around like its made out of feathers. And you see the heavy? big man. holds the gun with difficulty...
  2. M.unchie

    Garak's Suggestion Hub

    These ideas seem really cool! I really hope they get added.
  3. M.unchie

    Do you guys think that Terraria is Anime?

    but the thing is, i just saw a connection. Terraria & anime. And the reason I saw that connection is because, like i said, i haven't seen any other "big weapons" anywhere else. And these traits are pretty big to me since i love drawing and designing weapons so much, so that is why I made the...
  4. M.unchie

    Do you guys think that Terraria is Anime?

    yeah well... i havnt seen any other big weapons anywhere else... but that could be because i live under a rock.
  5. M.unchie


    hmm... have you tried clicking the option button on the remote? that was dumb of me. obviously you have.
  6. M.unchie

    Do you guys think that Terraria is Anime?

    Personally... not a big fan of Anime. So im just wondering if you guys think that its anime. i mean, the massive swords, the oversised weapons... it just seems a bit ridiculous in anime. So when i started to notice this in Terraria... I thought it was a little bit, but not alot. but, to solve...
  7. M.unchie

    Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

    no. freaking. WAY!! this looks fantastic! great job guys and please, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I'm not totally sure, but I think thats his inventory.
  8. M.unchie

    just joined. how do I post?

    just joined. how do I post?
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