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    CC Creation Compendium #28

    Such amazing builds every month! The first one blew my mind!
  2. MadbriX|CVG

    Question about Building

    Woooow I replied to this late. Thanks for the advice, guys!
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    Question about Building

    I've definitely seen some impressive builds over here on the forums. But how do they do it? I noticed one big factor is wall diversity and furniture choice. But do you need to have constant memory of every single block and furniture item in the game? What impulses do you builders have when...
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    PC banner effects

    I have two Zombie Banners and so far nothing changed after the first one.
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    Meowmere vs Star Wrath?

    Personally I'd say Meowmere because of the whopping 200+ damage and if you spam the cats into the air, it takes out the Cultist very easily if he's offscreen. If you were to use the Star Wrath underground, it wouldn't do too much unless the cave ceiling was offscreen as well. But the SW... it's...
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    PC 1.3 Little Details I Found

    So when I was searching caves for an Extractinator and harvesting from my marble cave, I came across this little cartoony Detonator connected to Explosives. I found another slightly deeper and apparently they spawn with massive veins or ore, mostly Platinum/Gold. (Thanks for the camera mode...
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    I just wish I posted more interesting stuff...

    I just wish I posted more interesting stuff...
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    PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

    Looks absolutely amazing! I'm loving how vivid and "smooth" the lasers seem as against a solid line of color. The new sunflower texture makes the world seem less plastic and more natural. Also the colors used for the new items are so bright! Wow 800 new items is staggering, and by the looks of...
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    Linux I finally found a way to run Terraria on Ubuntu (PlayOnLinux)

    Hmm never heard of that. Does it run with Wine or is it a separate program somehow?
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    Linux I finally found a way to run Terraria on Ubuntu (PlayOnLinux)

    I haven't found a solution yet. I've tried multiple versions of Terraria (Of course past 1.2) and I can't get the minimap to display :(
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    I need to spend more time here -_-

    I need to spend more time here -_-
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    Jungle Saved!

    This idea is nice. We really need something like a light-green Solution. The Bog idea sounds nice, though. What of the Crimson?
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    What's your favorite thing about Terraria?

    The long gameplay and challenges can get you hooked for a long time.
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    The most ridiculous luck comes when streaming...

    Is this a fact? Is it something integrated into Steam? Because all those Crystal Hearts are generated at world creation. If this is true, I can assume that they started the stream during world creation.
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