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Recent content by MasterOfBob777

  1. MasterOfBob777

    tModLoader Magic Storage +

    Is this project abandoned? Because if not this looks amazing!
  2. MasterOfBob777

    tModLoader Esper Class

    Looks like an awesome mod but consider changing telekinesis damage to telekinetic damage.
  3. MasterOfBob777

    tModLoader Combined Accessories Improved

    Just added the link now.
  4. MasterOfBob777

    tModLoader Combined Accessories Improved

    Sure, just give me a second. Edit : And Done!
  5. MasterOfBob777

    tModLoader Combined Accessories Improved

    Combined Accessories Improved is a mod that adds some new Accessories and combined versions of existing ones Direct Download Link Github Repository C.A.I Includes 23 new Items, 21 of those being new / combined accessories! Including : Final upgrades for all classes: Solar Knuckle Dusters...
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