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Milly Rainbowskittlez

I am cat. Cat am i. Cat. Look. Cat. Because... Cat.

Really and trulies xD
I am an MtF Pre-op Transgender >: D
This means that Im a male to female, but I havent had the operation yet. (cause it costs lots! DX)
'What is a transgender?' BEFORE YOU ASK Let me share with you the knowledge. It basicly means up here -points to my head- in my little brain of scary things, Im female, not male. The easiest way to put this is, Im a girl in the wrong body Dx.

I like kitties, and kawaiis, and anime, and touhou, and manga, and video games. Im a pc person, I dont like the consols as much as i used to.
I am an old school gamer, this means I prefer story and content over graphics (unlike most games these days). It also means I will be seen playing super mario world atleast once a year >...>
Idk what else to put so..
Kitties and mews..
Emily Mewens~
Milly Rainbowskittlez~
Mar 16, 1991 (Age: 30)
Somewhere lost in Gensokyo
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


Milly Rainbowskittlez said:
Why? xD People will judge however they wish. If i let that affect me, i wouldn't be a house maid. Id be sitting in a cubicle doing office work, being a straight person, with 3 kids, living in the suburbs with a hot soccer mom. Because that's what many people expected out of me xD THANKFULLY There's only 1 part in there that i regret. That's the hot soccer mom.



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