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Im a hard working student, i love rping and have been for up to 5 years, though i may be a bit rusty, i can try to get better at it.
January 19
Flesh prison, i maxed out 9 credit cards
Tree or Axe?
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  1. Terraria: Xbox 360
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i need to feed mah baby
Endigogo on Dragon Cave

help me raise my children!!

Text Color (Please make it easily distinguishable from other characters): Endigo
Abilities (Please don't make it too overpowered): His sword, the terra blade, can harness temporary energy from the mechs, but he needs to have those souls on hand to use it.
Backstory (Optional): After getting done with clensing his world, his dryad sent him here because she didnt want to deal with him anymore. he is a dimwitted boy but with a good sence of knowledge when it comes to the world around him
Other miscellaneous info (Optional): his vanity is hallowed armour
Species: terrarian (human)

Text Color (Please make it easily distinguishable from other characters): Silo
Abilities (Please don't make it too overpowered): Can use force of his movement for energy, so he always have something called spin rod, he spins to harnes the energy from the movement
Backstory (Optional): A feline who found out how to transfer energy from movement to energy of his physical power
Other miscellaneous info (Optional): He always wears light clothing to gain as much energy in as much time as possible, without losing tomuch of said energy
Species: Feline



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