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Recent content by Mnstrman06

  1. Mnstrman06

    Ammo Heart

    A new item, which when used expands your ammo slots by 1. This can be used a maximum of 4 times, and is gotten from the arms dealer for 1 platinum each after Plantera is dead. I think this would be useful since I often carry a lot of types of arrows and bullets and it would be useful to be able...
  2. Mnstrman06

    Game not starting

    Since yesterday terraria just kinda decides when it wants to start, I sometimes have to open it upwards of 10 times for it to actually open. Previously in this never happened.
  3. Mnstrman06

    Texture packs

    also before people say its my texture pack retexturing crimsand, its not In the 2nd video i use bombs, and you can see both crimsand and sand dropping
  4. Mnstrman06

    Texture packs

    Texture packs do not update when an infected block has spread. When using my texture pack a few days ago I was farming at the crimson desert. I saw that the sand was normal sand, so when I broke it to add normal crimsand, it dropped crimsand. Some videos: (Note that this was on a server so you...
  5. Mnstrman06

    Time Monolith

    this would allow you to make certain areas of the world night time, without having to change it to night time. same could be done for day time. useful for mapmaking
  6. Mnstrman06

    Anti Hook block

    Block that you can't hook on, simple as that. usage: map making
  7. Mnstrman06

    **REPORTED** Audio Issues and Softlocks/Crashes

    Also should probably mention I used Bluetooth audio output, so that might help in diagnosing issues
  8. Mnstrman06

    **REPORTED** Audio Issues and Softlocks/Crashes

    There seem to be a lot of issues with audio, and I can't find consistent ways of getting these to happen Sometimes switching between audio output sources can completely remove game audio In some styles of audio output there is latency on sound, and some sounds (like mounts and ice rod) are...
  9. Mnstrman06

    PC Calamity Texture Pack for 1.4!

    changes in the gore most likely
  10. Mnstrman06


    Animations for both when a trash can or barrel is opened, so you can tell if someone is using one
  11. Mnstrman06

    PC Duplication Exploit

    First, you will need to fish up multiple quest fish, 3 is a good number. You will then take them near a chest. Throw all the quest fish on the ground, and then spam Deposit All on the chest. This will duplicate the quest fish. Video here: It would not surprise me if this worked on other items
  12. Mnstrman06

    Echo Platform

    Invisible platform that lets you go through the bottom and stand on the top Would be visible with echo vision Basically a clone of echo blocks but platforms
  13. Mnstrman06

    Anti Climbing Block

    Similar to anti portal block, except you can't climb on it. Would be useful for mapmaking, and could be a cool edition since hammering blocks to prevent climbing doesn't look very good.
  14. Mnstrman06

    PC Calamity Texture Pack for 1.4!

    Trees received a major format change All the wood tiles are stored in the same file rather than being seperate
  15. Mnstrman06

    Accent Rod

    That also sounds cool, doing it with an axe Would also make it accessible immediately rather than crafting or buying it
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