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  1. MSP

    Pixel Art MSP's Arbitrary Spriting & Requests

    @KingNtheYoloMaster I have made the pet, it is based on a wisp from "Risk of Rain."
  2. MSP

    Pixel Art MSP's Arbitrary Spriting & Requests

    Have nothing to do Made a nice looking sword Because might as well
  3. MSP

    Pixel Art MSP's Arbitrary Spriting & Requests

    Sorry if I'm late, I don't check the forums often anymore. Also, I'm really lazy and all I made was a sprite for a female deer. Edit: I just realized how big I made the sprite Edit: Edited my original deer to be smaller
  4. MSP

    More Jojo references?

    My suggestion? "STANDO POWAH" Basically what I am suggesting is the addition of more varieties of guardians with different and bizarre abilities. This could be added as multiple tiers of armor which grant different guardians, A randomized element giving the player a guardian which is...
  5. MSP

    Pixel Art 0cra's Sprite Request Thread!

    When I want to move the image in GIMP, I do it by selecting the image with the free select tool or rectangle select tool and then I cut the selected image and re-paste it, it will then let you drag the image without dragging the entire layer. Also, to cancel the selection after moving it, click...
  6. MSP

    Pixel Art MSP's Arbitrary Spriting & Requests

    (recolored version) I created this. I know it very greatly resembles the Blood Butcherer, but in my mind the Night's Edge(the colors atleast) is supposed to resemble the Light's Bane so why no the other way around. Although I do think it resembles the Blood Butcherer too much, I might change...
  7. MSP

    The heck am I supposed to do around here?

    The heck am I supposed to do around here?
  8. MSP

    Pixel Art MSP's Arbitrary Spriting & Requests

    This is a thread where I display my very first sprites and whatever I ended up making in my free time. Feel free to request me to make something; I might not fulfill requests though. If you want to use a sprite for something, ask. 2016 2017 2018 Requested
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