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Recent content by Muninn

  1. Muninn

    Villagers and Landlord - A way to make towns feel more complete

    This is basically suggesting that we add a new class of npcs to the game, which do essentially nothing. I know that the villagers "farm" and "hunt," but what purpose would this serve? The only good thing that I can think of that could possibly come out of this is more money generated from...
  2. Muninn

    PC External engine for Terraria mods

    Tmod is a standalone mod that runs the game in a separate program when it is launched that is why people can have both vanilla and modded on thei computer at the same time.
  3. Muninn

    PC External engine for Terraria mods

    What you are suggesting is essentially what Tmodloader does.
  4. Muninn

    MY Giant tree(advice is surely welcome)

    Nice, but the trunk is rather rectangular. Try to add more irregularities to the exterior, and to leave less space inside. I.e. segment the main trunk more than it is as of now. It give the impression of wasted space. Try to emulate your branch over the whole structure, and don't forget to use...
  5. Muninn

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    Here is some ironwood, and the Auroch Skull. Any specific order that you would like me to do sprites? I have also completed the sawdust blocks
  6. Muninn

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    I could sprite some stuff for this now that I'm less busy. Though would it not make more sense in a above-ground area?
  7. Muninn

    Surface Structures for medium/large world. Include uncommon variance for some fitting CC Builds.

    An interesting concept. Would probably be best implemented as an option when generating a world.
  8. Muninn

    WIP Small town

    Try varying the terrain. Even though you are building on a flat world, changes in terrain are needed.
  9. Muninn

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    Should probably make a thread.
  10. Muninn

    PC Exploration of a New World

    Is the Castle too dark? I am speaking of the picture. In game it looks fine.
  11. Muninn

    PC Exploration of a New World

    I have found more in this world. Secrets both great and terrible have been revealed. (note: I may eventually publish this world for general use.)
  12. Muninn

    Rate the above users avatar

    3/10 Try to commit to a aesthetic. Add more teeth or horse.
  13. Muninn

    PC Rulick's Remakes

    They look like portal gun shots, though I have no idea how they got there.
  14. Muninn

    Working on a Architectural story

    Working on a Architectural story
  15. Muninn

    PC Exploration of a New World

    This planet has beautiful trees. This is one of the most spectacular that I have seen. And finally I believe that I may not have been the first on this world. I sighted this as dusk was approaching. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
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