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PC Exploration of a New World


Eye of Cthulhu
We have arrived on this strange realm by way of a dimension hopper. This new and improved model will not be availible to Terraria's public for another few months.​
Mysterious Portal.png
This planet has beautiful trees. This is one of the most spectacular that I have seen.
Cherry tree.png
And finally I believe that I may not have been the first on this world.
I sighted this as dusk was approaching.
Spirit bridge night.png
This world would seem to have been ransacked by malevolent beings. Today I found this castle, or what's left of it.
This ancient keep boasts an imposing figure.
Capture 2018-02-16 13_17_39.png
Capture 2018-02-16 13_18_22.png

Capture 2018-02-16 13_18_54.png

This is all that remained. The back half seemed to have been devoured by a cave's maw. Something terrible must have happened to the inhabitants.
Terrified by the Horror of that castle I discovered something intriguing. This world seems to have dwarves, much like our own.
Capture 2018-02-16 14_37_24.png

It seems to be a uninhabited Outpost. Perhaps this is where the Dwarves lost the Fifth Company in the clan wars of 2342.
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Eye of Cthulhu
I have found more in this world.
Secrets both great and terrible have been revealed.
(note: I may eventually publish this world for general use.)
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