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Recent content by MunkeyChumbles

  1. MunkeyChumbles

    PC Hosting a game over steam, found server error.

    Uh, this may sound dumb, but I don't really understand this, because I'm just hosting a world, not really setting up anything and I just invite my friends through steam...
  2. MunkeyChumbles

    PC Hosting a game over steam, found server error.

    Steam multiplayer is set to Invite Only... and I've never had this problem before, even without Invite Only on.
  3. MunkeyChumbles

    PC Hosting a game over steam, found server error.

    So my friends and I have been playing on a world for the past month and a half and recently while I try to host the server it gives me "Found Server" and never opens the server, https://gyazo.com/ba8c75a7ccd51d628011244f7ae1b2f3 I have no idea why this would happen, nothing changed...
  4. MunkeyChumbles

    World Became "[email protected]

    Aha! Same thing happen'd here too just now, with my multiplayer world with my two friends (30+ hours of work) Rage central :(
  5. MunkeyChumbles

    My multiplayer world broke? I'd like some help here :)

    Ok, so me and 2 of my friends started a world the day 1.3 released, so today (July 28, 2015) my friends were on. I decided to start up the world and.. it broke, completely. Ok, so first off, I chose host & play, clicked on my char. Clicked on the world, and immediately, the background changed...
  6. MunkeyChumbles

    Official A Short Time From Now...in a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

    There are no breaks, on the hype train
  7. MunkeyChumbles

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    How bout... The Pumpking! Reach wave 15 on the pumpkin moon True Survivor Survive 15 full days without dying Proof Own every boss trophy On Top Of The World Touch the top of the world OP Get suffocated by sand Star Power Have max mana Beam Me Up! Deal the final blow to The Twins with the...
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