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  1. MySimplePixel

    Console Reforge / Armour builder

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a such a website where I can see all the reforge options for the weapons? Or maybe if there's an armour builder so I can mix n match sets and see what sort of stats I could get? Thanks
  2. MySimplePixel

    Switch Game Crashes When I Visit the Ocean

    Oh really? That's an easy work around for now! Thanks Unit :)
  3. MySimplePixel

    Switch Game Crashes When I Visit the Ocean

    Discovered a bug this morning, whenever I visit my ocean (on the right/east side) the game crashes. No idea why. I've tried it with 2 different characters and have the same results. I can go to the underworld all the way, so it's gotta be something around the ocean spawning area? Really don't...
  4. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    Ahh man, the Marble Columns are PC only at the moment. Damn. Oh well, something to look forward to!
  5. MySimplePixel

    Candle's Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    Thank you!
  7. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    That's amazing. What are the'pillars' made of in your main section? (Got the white torches either side)
  8. MySimplePixel

    Console Shrink Text

    Hi all, Is there a way of shrinking the text displayed by the cell phone etc? I've got it as zoomed out as I can, but it still seems to take up alot of screen space. I've seen some PC gameplay where the text is alot smaller than the console version. Or is that more likely due to different...
  9. MySimplePixel

    Console Is journeys end 1.4 update coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch?

    We are getting an update on this in July by the looks of their latest state of the game post :) I'm really excited for the update. Just hoping it's not a few years away and hoping that it comes out on switch and xbox at roughly the same time.
  10. MySimplePixel

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    Nice!! Love that Lunatic Cultist animation. Is there anyway I can save it to my desktop to use elsewhere? Edit: Should've read the latest comments. I see this has been sorted already. Thanks!
  11. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Converted A Friend

    Just an update: We managed to beat moon lord on expert last night :D
  12. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Map constantly resets for friends

    Thanks for the reply :) At least it's we are doing something wrong! Hopefully that gets sorted during a patch or something.
  13. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Map constantly resets for friends

    So me and my friend have been playing through Terraria online. It's just the 2 of us, but everytime I join, my map is blacked out like I have never joined the world before. It's the same character I'm joining as, it's the same player he's playing as. Nothing has changed. Getting bit annoying...
  14. MySimplePixel

    Console Will PS5 get terraria

    I'd imagine not, as aren't all the games going to be backwards compatible anyway? So I think we will be able to play the PS4/Xbox 1 versions on the newer console. Might be wrong though.
  15. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Converted A Friend

    Yea, I'll be going back on with him shortly. Going to take on Tier 3 of the old ones army (we got demolished last time) and possibly the lunatic cultist. I haven't had someone in my friends group play Terraria for a long time, it's great :D
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