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  1. NanoPi

    Controller related issue such as nothing I can do in my inventory

    any key will take Terraria out of gamepad mode even if it is not mapped to any gameplay inputs. bluetooth media controls are a bit different from keyboard media buttons. bluetooth sends a keydown event but not a keyup. holding down any key or mouse button will keep taking Terraria out of...
  2. NanoPi

    Controller related issue such as nothing I can do in my inventory

    I was able to trigger this issue by pressing Pause on my bluetooth headset and no media apps were running to respond to it. a keyboard with media player buttons might also trigger this. on my Bluedio hi hurricane, putting on the right earpiece will press pause 4 times if no media app is running.
  3. NanoPi

    PC Controllers won't play all notes on music instruments

    the note pitch depends on the cursor being able to reach as far as the top of the screen. controller cursors are constrained by the item being used. bell & harp: constrained to a very tiny range magical harp: ok drumstick, rain song, ivy, stellar tune: can't play all sounds or chords since...
  4. NanoPi

    Terraria devs. Hello? Are u there? How about fixing MAJOR problem?

    I keep getting this to happen after a few days of putting the computer to sleep every night. Control Alt Delete fixed it for me and is way easier than my previous fix, log out of windows. similar issue comes to mind: background apps that hook the keyboard/mouse stop working after a similar or...
  5. NanoPi


    that looks exactly like an error message I just got. do you have any texture packs as a zip file in your save folder? I got this error by creating a texture pack zip file using 7-Zip and using a compression method called "Store". the CRC numbers are different though.
  6. NanoPi

    Terraria 1.3.5 Launches on Nintendo Switch Today!

    This seems to be for a couple of reasons nintendo analog sticks never reach the min-max values that the data format would allow. terraria has a 25% deadzone applied to the x and y axis individually. can you aim at the left or right edge of screen with a Magic Missile while the smart cursor...
  7. NanoPi

    Terraria 1.3.5 Launches on Nintendo Switch Today!

    what is diamond shaped aiming?
  8. NanoPi

    Default Texture Pack

    game files can be converted to an editable format https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/tconvert-extract-content-files-and-convert-them-back.61706/
  9. NanoPi

    You've got the Touch, You've got the Power! Controller & Customization Update hits Mobile Terraria Today!

    my DS4 Wireless Controller isn't working well with my phone. my phone lacks a key layout file for the USB VID/PID so it uses Generic.kl as fallback the analog triggers are seen as right stick and right stick is not detected. buttons are all different. with a couple of gamepad test apps, I...
  10. NanoPi

    PC Settings menu not working

    the settings can be changed outside of game by editing the config file. File Explorer > Documents > My Games > Terraria > config.json right click this file, open with, choose notepad. find "UIScale": 2.0, change to "UIScale": 1.0, save file.
  11. NanoPi

    PC FPS drop associated with drop in CPU usage... Lag, stuttering, etc.

    a Windows 10 update has changed how full-screen games are displayed on screen. some PCs/game combos get a performance increase or drop. on my computer it's a drop below 30 in exclusive full-screen Windows 10 has added an option to the compatibility tab for exe file properties. "Disable...
  12. NanoPi

    Is the Mana Flower worth using with the Spectre Hood?

    Magic Cuffs or Celestial Cuffs refills mana when taking damage. I used it with Spectre Hood to get into a cycle of using mana on a magic weapon, receive damage to refill mana, deal magic damage and get healed by the Spectre Hood's effect.
  13. NanoPi

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    Large, Normal, Corruption, 127266982 the Temple's door is not in the entrance corridor. fixed bugs: Terraria version generated a pillar of dirt above the desert. Terraria version generated the dungeon differently when a seed was entered, compared to...
  14. NanoPi

    PC [Showcase] Conveyor Belt Ladder

    That is a really useful build. I have one of these in the temple. loot stops moving where conveyor belts are having a reverse-tug-of-war. conveyor belts change direction in places that need it, including the very bottom. only problem with the build right now is temple creatures not...
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