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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    why not rebalance calamity, less work than rebalancing every other mod that follows vanilla balance
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    can somebody please tell me if this mod is for 1.3 or 1.4 thank you and please add that to the mods description
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    Cogs and more

    This is my feedback.
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    your discrod doesn't work
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

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    Right now 99% of original resource packs get completely lost on the workshop due to reupload flood.

    Workshop is completely flooded with reuploads because the game allows to freely publish downloaded packs. We can kind of rely on people upvoting good original packs so that we are more likely to see them in our feed, but right now 99% of new good original packs get lost in the reuploads and no...
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    is it updated?
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    tModLoader pbone's Utilities

    whats tresaure bags
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    tModLoader Duck's Quality Content Mod

    so i decided to write a review comment to your mod, it is not really a good comment because i am bad at reviewing things but I am trying to focus on what is good and bad in your mod. I hope my comment will help your vision and inspire you to add the kind of stuff I was expecting to see in your...
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    use tmodloader 64bits
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    tModLoader Better Zoom

    finally a zoom out for small screens, I was wondering if it affects performance beyond just having to render more
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    tModLoader Infinity

    there is a mod called true endless or something and it can make any item infinite even from any mods, if anyone is interested
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    Mods with stuff for building and designing base/houses?

    I had calamity and a bunch of smaller mods like chad's furniture mod, unfortunately after WoF it started to lag on my weak PC so I can't continue the playthrough. I also couldn't include jenosis furniture mod because of not enough memory. I can't use 64 bit, it lags on my PC. So I want to...
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