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ocram is the best

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  • Ocram lepus and turkor relics


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    Hmm, interesting, however I think Ocram should have a couple of his servants floating around him, Turkor's floating head should have a spine connecting it to the base of the relic, and Lepus should just be a big egg with smaller ones at the base of the relic

    just what im thinkin
    u dont have to listen
    it dont matter 2 me all that much
    ocram is the best
    Me fighting all ocram with 3 mechanical bossses and moon lord
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    Well I have reasons for my opinion
    I compared the battles
    Consolaria from a YT vid
    And the actual fight on my DS
    Consolaria Ocram is much slower, attacks less, and seems to do a bit less damage, and also has simpler AI.
    And his minions...they are TANKY on the 3ds, and fast, and surprisingly deadly! Consolaria Ocram's servants just have Duke Fishron bubble AI...
    ocram is the best
    ocram is the best
    I do admit that ocrams ai has changed in this mod and he’s much slower and has least attacks but despite that I really like this mod and really love how they changed ocrams ai instead of him being a improved eye of Cthulhu ai and lepus and turkor were cool additions to the mod too, also not to mention the new drops that they drop are awesome too, I really love this mod and respect your opinion
    Ocram's ai is somewhat like EoC's
    but in this mod it seems to literally just be Eoc's ai

    I much prefer the Ocram N' Stuff mod, as it does a VERY good job at replicating Ocram.
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