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    Terraria State of the Game - August 2022

    The Underground Mushroom theme for the wiki looks superb.
  2. PastaLaVista

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2022

    Opened Terraria to check it, just in case I'd missed something obvious all this time. You cannot favourite things in your Piggy Bank. I assume you meant in 1.4.4, but have they implied that you'll be able to favourite things in any storage space other than the Void Storage?
  3. PastaLaVista

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2022

    Seeing those new additions to the Void Storage is great, its usefulness pretty much just doubled. Now, if only coins in your Piggy Bank didn't jump all over the inventory when using quick stack, I'd say the extra inventories have been perfected in 1.4.4.
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    tModLoader Craftable Developer Items

    Are you doing a modded playthrough? Have you farmed the Destroyer 100 times and gotten every single developer set except that one set you're actually looking for? I have. I'm not kidding. I don't mind the grind in vanilla, but in modded the focus to me lies more with the new content than the...
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    PC Can't run the game on desired monitor in borderless (dual-monitor setup)

    To put this simply: I upgraded from a single-monitor 1080p setup this summer to a dual-monitor setup with a new 1440p monitor as my main and the old 1080p monitor as secondary. But apparently, when playing with 100% zoom in fullscreen on a 1440p monitor the game looks, to be frank, terrible due...
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    Terraria State of the Game - January 2021

    Let us hope that the dream of crossplay won't just remain a dream.
  7. PastaLaVista

    Wavebank Fixing music for Terraria (and possibly beyond)

    The answer I've wanted to find for the past few days. Thanks mate, appreciate it!
  8. PastaLaVista

    Working as Designed Another visual oddity (sorry): Visibility of wings in vanity slot unaffected by visibility of wings in accessory slot

    This has been a thing for a long time if I'm not mistaken. It pretty much follows the logic of "if it's in a vanity slot, you obviously wants to see it at all times".
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    PC I made a texture pack that only replaces the female "ouh" sounds.

    I can double down and confirm that you cannot replace wave banks with resource packs, because they are located outside the content folder. I tried it myself at 1.4's launch.
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    PC I made a texture pack that only replaces the female "ouh" sounds.

    Ah, I see. It does indeed work after a restart, I guess I jumped to conclusion since I noticed that the update broke custom wavebanks as well as all the vanilla music in modded. Thanks for the help.
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    PC I made a texture pack that only replaces the female "ouh" sounds.

    The new hotfix,, broke this "texture pack". I don't know what Relogic did with the sound files in this hotfix, but it seems that all mods related to the game's sound effects or music no longer works.
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    PC Add an accessory that makes Prismatic Lacewings more common

    Basically what the title says. I'm currently playing through the game as a summoner, so naturally I want to be able to use the Terraprisma. However, it's becoming increasingly tempting to cheat/duplicate for Lacewings, since I'm typically only able to acquire 2-3 of them each night due to the...
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    tModLoader Yet Another Boss Health Bar

    There's also the smaller details, like the bar showing how much damage you did consecutively from the previous current amount of health, and the fact that the health bar changes color based on how much health is left in percentage.
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    tModLoader Yet Another Boss Health Bar

    Just gonna jump in here to help push the idea that there is indeed still interest for this mod once tML updates to 1.4. This mod handles boss health way better than vanilla does imo, and I'd be sad if this mod stops being an option in the future.
  15. PastaLaVista

    Dungeon Guardian Enhancement Pack.

    I heard that if you defeat him, you get a note that reveals his last name on it.
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