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Recent content by Pokey

  1. Pokey

    tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

    Void Leviathan spawns normal but then the Body glitches out and all its segments are spread everywhere.... makes it impossible to hit him
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  3. Pokey

    tModLoader Exodus Mod

    I have some Questions : 1. How do I get Zircon? 2. How can I find Osmium? Is it naturally generating everywhere in the Underground? 3. Do you have plans of making/opening a Wiki? 4. Regarding the Boss Summon for Mindflayer, the crafting materials seem so simple for a Boss, although a Mythril...
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    Because they know whats best.
  5. Pokey

    Humorous 1000 Fun Facts

    941. According to all known laws of Aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
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    Hello Everyone, today I will make a quick Suggestion. We already have Ducks in Terraria, so why not Chickens? Chicken AI: Passive AI Health: 20 Defense: 0 Damage: 0 Chickens could be a possible alternative to Ducks [As Copper is an alt to Tin, or vice versa.]. They would spawn in the...
  7. Pokey

    We need Chickens everywhere!

    We need Chickens everywhere!
  8. Pokey

    Hello Everyone! [Just my Introduction]

    Hello Everyobody, my name is Pokey and I started playing Terraria a month ago. I love the game to death. Some say that I like Terraria more than Chickens [Yes, I like Chickens... They are so awesome!]. So , as I said, I like Terraria, Chickens and my favourite Music is Metal.
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