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    Switch cant see world seed

    it was pre1.4
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    Switch witch is rarer

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    Switch cant see world seed

    on my main world i made when i got the game it wont show seed
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    Ask me anything I guess.

    are you greifer?
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    XD we need more memes for terraria
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    Random Chitchat Thread

    cant top on leaderbord
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    Random Chitchat Thread

    i am stuck in one of my games littly
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    XD i am stuck

    XD i am stuck
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    Switch Favorite event in the game

    XD really?
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    Terraria 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 Out Now on Console & Mobile!

    yo devs if your on say something
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    Switch terraprima give away

    no tomarow
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