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  • So I'm back after a really REALLY long time, because my user profile corrupted on my other laptop long ago and it deleted all my hard work on Terraria..I was HEARTBROKEN...And it just killed the game for me, so much meticulous and painstaking work put in designing stuff. But long story short, I got on today for the first time and to my surprise MY STUFF WAS UPLOADED TO A CLOUD THIS WHOLE TIME SOMEHOW.
    In my video when I introduced the Rave Palace I used a Back massager as the sound effect for dying twice!!! XD It just gets funnier the harder I think about it!! (Why that object of all things?!)
    The silly idea came to me when I was trying to sleep, and I had to create it because I thought it was randomly weird but funny.
    Then to top it all off was the joke about the switch.
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