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Recent content by Rgmemo

  1. Rgmemo

    Boss difficulty list

    Bosses - Easiest to Hardest Basically the same thing as this thread, hasn't changed from my post in it.
  2. Rgmemo

    WIP Buff Potion Tier List

    I'd probably agree with Shyguymask above that the Builder Potion is ranked a bit low. I've seen a noticeable boost in building effectiveness for arenas, housing and other assorted structures. For example, you place tiles and walls faster, and you can place them at a greater distance. It also...
  3. Rgmemo

    What is your class and why did you choose it?

    I've played all the classes at one point but Melee is my favourite by a mile, so it's my go-to class, though I sometimes play Summoner too. I've said why Melee is my favourite in other threads, so I'd just be repeating the same list of points; it's essentially a low-maintenance class with little...
  4. Rgmemo

    Spectre boots VS Fledgling wings

    Why are they mutually exclusive for you? Are they competing with other accessories? Boots and wings synergise incredibly well, especially if you continue to upgrade them to Lightning (and possibly Terraspark Boots if you're willing to make the extra effort) Boots. I never found pre-Hardmode had...
  5. Rgmemo

    What are your top 5 music tracks from Terraria?

    1. Rain: Without context I wouldn't think a track this airy and light had anything to do with rain, but it sounds so ethereal and chimeric that it's still my favourite. 2. Underground Ice: really relaxing and "chill" compared to the Snow music, which I always found somewhat eerie at certain...
  6. Rgmemo

    Community Forum Themes: Get yours today!

    I use Underground. I prefer cold colours, and it's not too bright as to be uncomfortable to look at.
  7. Rgmemo

    WOF despawns when I die

    I don't know if Cascade is the best idea for the WoF, considering how there are multiple separate hitboxes for the Wall of Flesh itself, the Hungry, and the Leeches. The yo-yo's lack of range might also make it difficult to maintain a safe distance since the WoF can very easily hit and stunlock...
  8. Rgmemo

    PC Losing My Absolute Mind fighting Plantera in Master Mode FTW as a mage, I need help.

    That's an immense arena, I can't tell just from looking but at that size maybe you're so far away from the Jungle blocks that you're leading Plantera into what is essentially a normal Cavern biome, enraging her. Beyond that, you could also try removing some rows of platforms so your falling...
  9. Rgmemo

    What is your favorite enemy?

    All the Ghoul variants. The light show they put on in the Underground Desert is astounding, especially if you can get the Crimson/Corruption and Hallow Underground Deserts to overlap.
  10. Rgmemo

    Is the Hardmode mechanic based on anything?

    I've seen Dragon's Dogma do something similar. Once you beat the "Disc One Final Boss" (of which I suppose the WoF would be the equivalent), Gransys changes both aesthetically and mechanically. The sky becomes a sickly green, nearly every spawn is replaced with stronger enemies, and a few new...
  11. Rgmemo

    Should i try master mode? Its not that hard really , i think its easy.

    It's definitely harder than Expert Mode, but you get used to it quickly enough. You could even try Master Mode For the Worthy (MM FTW) if you want even more difficulty changes, outside of just stat buffs (though also including them, of course). I didn't have much fun with my full MM FTW...
  12. Rgmemo

    Why do people hate on golem?

    Do people "hate on" Golem? It's a boring, easy boss but I'm not emotionally invested enough in it to hate it, or whatever.
  13. Rgmemo

    What does you arena look like?

    Here's what my Dungeon "Arena" ended up looking like in the same world, I'm aware it's ugly as sin. The "staircase" there is actually just a slope but shows up as jagged on Terramap. I have more than enough room to easily fight both Skeletron and the Lunatic Cultist. I don't really pay attention...
  14. Rgmemo

    What does you arena look like?

    Fair, this is just my own arena. Banners mean any given enemy does much less damage and goes down much quicker so I can afford to take more risks and clear waves faster. The last update also made it so that banners finally affect enemy projectiles too, which is appreciated for mobs like...
  15. Rgmemo

    What does you arena look like?

    This is part of my last world, and the flattened section in the center of this image is also the center of my world. I essentially just flatten out the ground, place a row of platforms above, place gnomes, bone torches and campfires, and then build a "safety house" directly beneath the spawn...
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