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    Woah. It's been so long

    Woah. It's been so long
  2. SamIsFab

    Wow, i only just realised this, Hi!

    Wow, i only just realised this, Hi!
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    Official TCF 2nd Year Anniversary Winners Announcement!

    I've seen a few of these, and they are pretty cool. It's also nice to see everyone who even entered, were rewarded with a cool lil' title :D!
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    Hello Terrarians!

    Welcome to the forum my friend! Enjoy your stay! :D
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    Wii U Online Multiplayer

    Can you even play two-player on Wii U ?
  6. SamIsFab

    my lads birthday cake what do you think????

    I only like it because it's to do with Terraria ;) Great work! :o
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    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    Unfortunately, after my long return, I am in-able to access Terraria right now! I will try to hop on and have some fun as soon as I'm re-abled to come on :D
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    Hello, I am a cat.

    So sad!! :(:eek: One of my cats are like, 117 in cat years. She poops on my sons bed allll the time D:
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    PC How to maximize melee speed

    Woah, thanks! I feel like a hacker xD
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    Yep! xD

    Yep! xD
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    Hello, I am a cat.

    Criiii. What happened to the other 2 :c?
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    Augmented TCF - A Chrome Extension & FireFox Add-on

    This is very cool, and handy. Very professional on how you laid the post out, I got stuck into reading and looking through this thread quite well. Thank you :L
  13. SamIsFab

    How to summon Plantera

    @The Ancient Cultist was right, @Zenphos - you just had a similar version to it, I think you have Plantera itself there, :)
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